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Unplugged View – Mesmerizing the Devil

Unplugged View
By Aaron Rowan

I saw that Charlie Daniels and his band are coming to the area this month. They’ll be at the Merced Theater on Thursday the 8th, which happens to be the night before the final Music At The GMC concert I’m presenting this year. That got me thinking about Charlie’s most iconic song. You know the one. I’m convinced there’s another verse or two to be written talking about our featured GMC artist, Megan Lynch Chowning. She’s a 7-time National Fiddle Champion, a 6-time California state champion, a state champion in 4 other states, and an International Bluegrass Music Association award winner. A talent like this deserves to be immortalized in song, so here’s my attempt:

“The devil done learned his lesson. He fled north to Tennessee.
Along the road he heard a sweet sound flowing from beneath a willow tree.
The Fiddle Star was caressing her strings in the glow of the morning sun.
The devil stood there mesmerized ‘til her melody was done.

The devil sat down beside her, and they began to fraternize.
She’d heard of the legend of Johnny and the solid gold fiddle that was his prize.
And she said, “Old Johnny might have claimed to be the best that’s ever been,
But I’ve been national champion seven times – once for every deadly sin!”

Megan is being joined on this California tour by acclaimed Nashville songwriter Mary Sue Englund. Mary is a staple at the Grand Ole Opry, and has toured the world with country legend Pam Tillis as her pianist, guitarist, violinist and harmony vocalist for the past decade. Megan & Mary have also been performing as a duo act together for many years, delivering a magical mix of country, old-timey and bluegrass music. Their ‘All Year Long’ Tour comes to Modesto on Friday 12/9 at the Gottschalk Music Center’s recital hall. You’ll find the entrance at 1502 E St., with doors opening at 7 PM. We’ve got about 40 seats open at this intimate listening space. Megan and Mary sold out our venue when they performed last December, so be sure to snag your seat early! Give us a ring at 209-543-5306 or email<> to reserve.

Music At The GMC will return in mid-January for another eclectic and exciting year of songs and stories with performers from around the globe. Visit for info. Happy New Year!



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