UrbanView – By: TruLuv Lopez Squalid the Troll “Trollarific”

Tru Luv: A question I always ask! What is up with the title? Your name stands out. Tell me what it represents? Squalid: I used to go by “Perspective” but I realized I didn’t have any haha. So I started going by “the Troll” because the way I do things, think, act and live, isn’t like “the norm” or trendy, or typical. It kinda outcast me in society and in the music world etc. I stand out so the name had to as well, I prefer to go by SQUA… Which is what everyone naturally reverts to.

Tru Luv: You released an album in 2013!I listened to it. It’s on a different level. How was the road to recording this project? Squalid: Yeah the “Machine Gun Belly” project was off the cuff. I was in the middle of finishing what will now be my second release this August. I recorded “Weird Enough” & then “Don Carnage” with my good friend Destructo Bunny. It was a fresh and different kinda energy. We knew we had to run with it. The whole concept was to do everything I normally don’t and since I had a stockpile of production from all my friends I hadn’t used, it worked out nicely I think.

Tru Luv: What other projects have you taking on? Squalid: I recorded and released an album titled “Move Up” with the group Atlantis Rising. They are diverse and hungry collective of musicians and MCs that fueled my movement even further as well as my Yoga For Your Ears family. I’m currently getting ready to drop my sophomore effort titled “Don’t Call Me Dustin” which very close to my heart and was slowly made over the last 5+ years. I am also working on several projects with my boy Casey Macem who is a very talented producer, DJ and all around music enthusiast. My plate is definitely full & I’m happy about that

Tru Luv: Tell me a bit about you growing up and how music came to play? Squalid: My family is originally from the Bay Area by way of Hayward, San Leandro etc. I was actually born in Oakland. I never knew my father and was raised by my mom and grandmother in Modesto. Music was always on… My mom showed me everything from James brown, to the Grateful Dead, Barry White, classical, country, funk and everything. At times we were living out of her car and motels etc. The radio always worked. & music always helped! But when I was about 7 I found hip hop and it was all mine. I was always very observant and expressive. I was raised to be open minded, honest and felt supported in my creativity so by 10 I was already rappin’. It just always seemed like what I was supposed to do. I didn’t have much at times.. But I always had that and I always will.

Tru Luv: Tell us something the fan may not know about you? Squalid: I like to paint and cook a lot. I’m a comic book fan and a movie buff. But mostly I’m a proud father and I love my daughter with all my heart. She’s my favorite song

Tru Luv: Give us an exclusive sneak peak of your upcoming album? How many tracks? Free single download? Squalid: It’s titled “Don’t Call Me Dustin” it was produced and recorded entirely by Destructo Bunny. It has 11 solid tracks. It’s a very fun, honest, and heartfelt album. No singles yet… But it drops in august so there just around the corner

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