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Wendell White Scholarship Concert – Nov 8th

Wendell White Scholarship Concert – Nov 8th
By Ken White

I’ve been fortunate to have two people in my life who I could always talk music and sports with. My best friend George and my youngest brother Wendell. Sadly, they’re both gone. Now, comments about music and sports are mostly kept to myself.

This Sunday, I and many others will have a chance to talk music and sports at Turn It Up II, a day of remembrance and celebration for my little brother.

We will gather at the Barking Dog in downtown Modesto to share music, memories, and laughter.

Wendell was a talented musician, an award-winning artist, a dedicated runner, a loyal fan, a caring pet owner, a loving son, husband, brother, uncle, teammate, and friend.

He died much too young, but his mischievous smile lives on.

Join us for a little “Wendell Time” this Sunday, November 8th, from noon to 5PM at the Barking Dog.

A $10 donation will get you a copy of Wendell’s one-and-only CD, which he completed just before his passing. A portion of all food sales will be donated by the generous owners of the Barking Dog. There will be gift baskets, artwork, and other items available in a silent auction. All donations will support the Wendell White Scholarship Fund. Last year, three local high school students were recipients of these scholarships. We hope that they, and future awardees, will help keep Wendell’s spirit alive.

They say it gets better. It does. But, it’s never the same.

Wendell made us laugh, think about life’s possibilities, and be true to what we believed in. Join us as we celebrate that. Turn It Up!



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