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Who & What Inspired Sgt. Pepper?

By Chris Murphy Which record inspired Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band? Paul McCartney credits the amazing “Pet Sounds” as the inspiration to push the Beatles to make Sgt Pepper. Brian Wilson, the creative genius of the Beach Boys set out to make a concept album and changed the way LP records would be made forever and laid a challenge out to the Beatles. There was always unspoken competition between the Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones the Who and other huge rock bands. As the 60s progressed, the challenge to be more conceptual, deliver more hits, to inspire imitation and flattery was bubbling underneath the surface of some of the most creative records of all time. Rubber Soul opened the door, but Pet Sounds came though in a flurry of colors, sounds, melodies that had not been heard before. Pet Sounds would serve notice to the Beatles, just fresh off of their final show at Candlestick Park in August of 1966, that they needed to do something special. The Beatles shattered the pop world with Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band and sent musical shockwaves around the world. As Brian Wilson was working on Smile, the challenge to respond to the Beatles was too great and he ended up shelving Smile until 2004. Pet Sounds had started a competition that still goes on today. You get to hear these songs and more live at our own Gallo Center of the Arts. You will be treated to a beautiful tour of the Beach Boys greatest songs as well as the legendary Smile project tracks. Brian Wilson will perform live in Modesto at the Gallo Center for The Arts on October 9th (John Lennon’s birthday btw) and will bring Pet Sounds, Smile, and other legendary songs to life. Joining his band is Al Jardine of the Beach Boys to make this a magical evening. This is a truly special event from one of the most legendary and creative artists. There are still some tix left at



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