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You are the Dream Chef!

ChefVIEW By Dana Johnson

Delighted by Dream Dinners

For February, you are the chef! With the month of love upon us and Valentine’s Day full of possibilities, Dream Dinners has the right idea! The ultimate romantic dinner just may be in your own home. Dream Dinners is a unique concept developed by two women who wrote the book The Hour That Matters Most, dinner! Dream Dinners was designed to reduce time shopping, chopping, set-up, and clean-up while still achieving savory mealsthat are compliant with the American Heart Association. The concept is simple, view the 17 delicious menu selections for the month online, sign up a session, place your order, come in to assemble you’re your Dream Dinner, take it home and prepare it fresh in under 30 minutes! Viola’! The cooking instructions are no-brainers; even a ‘blank’ could make it! Once a month dinner shopping, while saving time and money, I say yes to that!

Carla Ciccarelli opened Dream Dinners five years ago in Modesto. She and her husband Greg also have Ciccarelli Jewelers of Modesto for 21 years. Carla has been a “foodie” her whole life, she’s a mother of three, and has a business degree from the University of Nevada. More than all that, Carla has a dedication and passion that welcomes you from the moment you walk through her door. Her staff is warm, friendly, and most accommodating according to Jennifer Giblin of Oakdale and loyal customer for the past 2 years. Jennifer is a single mom on the move, who relies on Dream Dinners for meals her children enjoy eating, that are healthy and convenient. Plus Jennifer loves the affordable monthly variety of choices especially the pastas and seafood.

Whether you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special someone or it’s going to be a family and friends’ affair, Dream Dinners is like having your own personal sous chef in your kitchen! Create the mostromantic dinner in the privacy of your own home, no reservation needed, choose your own music, take the worry out of driving as you raise your glass of fave spirits, and delight in your Dream Dinner.

Decisions, decisions! Butternut raviolis with caramelized onions or herb crusted flank steak? Then again, I haven’t had a tasty chicken with lemon and artichoke sauce in awhile! Make cooking time a fun time! Bringing couples closer together and families back to the dinner table!

So Carla, Beatles or Stones? She was so not excepting the question, her initial response was one of awwww and Oh wow! With slight hesitation she said Beatles for the easy listening but I could totally see her rocking out at a Stones concert with me!

Dream Dinners 4048 Dale Road #201 Modesto, CA 95356 (209) 543-9333



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