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5 Questions with Mattéa Overstreet

5 Questions with Mattéa Overstreet

By Monica Barber

Mattéa Overstreet’s soothing voice and songs are loved by many fans in the Central Valley and growing in numbers every day, but she seems to have a very quiet and earthly presence to herself and her life out of the spotlight.

Mattéa is foremost a singer and a really great one. She sings covers, writes her own songs, usually can be found collaborating with local songsmiths which has allowed this MAMA-award-winning, singer-songwriter to powerfully bring people together through her music.

When the View caught up with Mattéa Overstreet to chat she told us about her musical philosophy and her thoughts on how music inspires her. We also learned she has a new EP, Bad Seed, which came out earlier this year and her plans to share more from Bad Seed in 2018!


Modesto View: Tell us a little about yourself.

Mattéa Overstreet: I’ve been singing ever since I was a toddler. Music has been engrained into my upbringing: My parents love all styles of music and dabbled in their own musicianship throughout their lives. Our house was always ringing with different sounds from different time periods. My dad is a self taught pianist and I was constantly fixated on the piano we had in our home.


However, my family didn’t push me toward being a musician. They gave me the independence to develop my own sense of self and acquire my own skills and knowledge on my own. I was around 10
years old when I decided that singing and performing was my biggest passion. I participated in community musical theatre programs and started asking for music lessons and instruments of my own in order to start creating.


MV: What inspires your music & what does it mean to you to be working as a musician?

MO: As of right now, my music is inspired by youth, lust, and adventure, and I write a lot of songs about my own coming of age experience. Connecting with the audience is my favorite part about being an entertainer and is what drives me to keep performing.

I balance music both as a passion and a career, and I find my purpose in creating an alluring energy and vibrant atmosphere in my performances, regardless of the setting. I try to keep a subtle division between my artist and business persona, but the goal remains the same in both arenas – to always be authentic and put my heart into creating an intriguing and enjoyable listening experience.


MV: What keeps you motivated to keep pushing boundaries with your music?

MO: I’m constantly challenging myself when it comes to songwriting and playing new instruments. I’m inspired to keep experimenting for the sake of being a well rounded and experienced musician. I always surprise myself with the things I can accomplish, so I try to never hold back.


MV: Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

MO: I’ve always dreamed of working with Phil Collins; he’s inspired me since I was a little kid. And Stevie Wonder is my #1 favorite artist and I think our voices would blend really well if we were ever on a track together. But back to reality, I love collaborating with other artists of all mediums to create experiences with both musical and visual elements. I’m currently working with Center Stage Conservatory in producing a staged version of my EP ‘Bad Seed’ which will run in February 2018. I hope to one day work with dancers and visual artists.


MV: What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

MO: My proudest moment was the day I released my debut EP ‘Bad Seed’ back in June. I had overcome so many obstacles in producing that collection of music, and it was long overdue. But despite years of hesitation and adversity, I’ve had a lot of success with the EP thus far and went on to win the MAMA Award for Best Singer Songwriter. I accomplished my heart’s biggest goal in music this year, and was also publicly recognized for it. I am extremely grateful and proud of myself.


Thanks Mattéa!


You can find more of Mattea’s music online at Bandcamp, her upcoming shows at www.matté or give her a follow on Facebook at to stay up to date!






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