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5 questions with Zodiac Gallery’s Dustin Carpenter

5 questions with Zodiac Gallery’s Dustin Carpenter

by Monica Barber


Photo Credit: Philip Johnson

Six to eight months ago, Dustin Carpenter was playing an art walk at Colossal tattoo in Turlock and I might’ve have overlooked him, but the music & beats he was playing caught my ear and blew my mind. Musically known by the moniker, Zodiac Gallery, he has forged a presence in the local music scene, hosting shows for The Shire, providing the soundtrack for yoga at Tri-Chromatic Gallery and touring the West Coast.

Photo Credit: Monica Barber

Dustin is every bit the picture of an upstanding gentleman the second time we meet for photos about three months later: Tailored coat, coordinated shirt, a spritz of cologne and a suitcase with his gear. Unlike his contemporaries the image much like the music is decidedly different when it comes to Zodiac Gallery and the fans, they have come to know and love the substance over flash. His sound offers a comprehensive and provocative hypnotism that alters the mystique of the typical electronic sound. Recently Dustin crossed paths with the Modesto View to talk about what inspires his sound and what is to come.

Modesto View: Tell us a little about yourself.

Zodiac Gallery: A sparked interest in percussion during grade school led to drumming professionally in the music industry in Southern California. During my time spent there I released solo material I had been exploring, later focusing on live sound bath performances. Presently, I tour the West Coast monthly providing completely improvised performances for patrons.

MV: What inspires & drives your music?

ZG: The innate relationship between musical instruments, incarnate being, and ethereal inspiration spark my interest in paying tribute back to this quantum sonic vibrational force. One of the biggest driving factors in my conscious creations is facilitating and manifesting a peaceful space for the future in the present.

MV: Tell us about what it means to you to be working as an musical act.

ZG: It’s an incredible blessing to be able to actively share my 20 years of experience and integrity through my work for patrons across the country. It is the most difficult and simultaneously soul satisfying experience, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo Credit: Monica Barber

MV: What keeps you motivated to keep pushing boundaries with your music?

ZG: For thousands of years, art has been the active force driving humanity forward. Having access to a positive global community has given me the support and agency to pursue more dynamic and creative projects rather than adhering to industry standards. Selling out both shows in Southern California last October was a career defining moment to be proud of following up my summer live television performance.

MV: Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

ZG: Joe Hisaishi has been one of my biggest inspirations for as long as I can remember. His score for Nausicaa in 1984 is emotive, multi-genre, and transcendent.


Thank you, Zodiac Gallery!

You can find more of Zodiac Gallery online at and on YouTube & Instagram at Zodiac Gallery.

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