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By Leia Johnson

Hey Modesto! Hopefully you all had a stellar summer break and are as amped for the school year as I am. The beginning of school is always so exciting to me; new supplies, new teachers and old friends. The start of school is also great because you can improve your studying habits!! Another exciting part about the end of summer is the app stores new trending game, Pokémon Go! If you haven’t tried this game out, I highly suggest that you do. The closest I have to “gaming experience” is playing Club Penguin in the 4th grade, and I’ve been having a blast. This interactive game has created a serious sense of community in all locations, enabling people to feel comfortable enough to strike up conversation with anyone else playing the game. It genuinely forces you to get out of the house and get to know your surroundings better. It’s an extremely unique activity that you can do literally anytime or anywhere…and it’s absolutely free. I went on a Pokèmon catching bike ride with my friends and it was super fun!

Another sweet thing that happened last month was the State Theatre’s showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. It was described to me as one of the most interesting, totally new experiences you wouldn’t expect in Modesto, but amazing just the same. On August 13th, it’s coming back; costumes, props and all. Buy your tickets as soon as possible at because many people will want to attend. This movie is rated R, so make sure to read up on it before buying your tickets. Also, you can’t forget to support our Modesto Performing Arts production of “Oklahoma”, at the Gallo Center for the Arts. Shows are at the beginning of August, so purchase your tickets soon at! My songs for this month are “Summer Friends”, by Chance the Rapper and “For Emma” by Bon Iver. Two super different songs that truly defined the summer for me. Keep it cool Motown!
See you all next month!

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