All Ages View – March is Green in Many Ways

By Sofia Johnson

March is Green in Many Ways

This month has a lot in store for Modesto. For the month of green lets Go Green! You can start by coming out to RecFest on March 16th. It will be filled with music, games, hikes, and many dedicated volunteers that are passionate about nature. It will be held at our beautiful Tuolumne River Regional Park from 10AM – 3PM. There is also something you could do more regularly which is a new trend called plogging which is a combination jogging and picking up litter. Plogging is a simple way to empower yourself, help your community, and still get a great workout in. Other ways you can stay green are avoiding single use plastics such as straws, using a refillable water bottle, bringing your own bags to the store, and avoiding ziploc bags by using tupperwares. Small changes such as these can have a big impact on this big earth. There will also be a Stanislaus Green Team meeting on March 21st if you want to learn more or have any questions about the green initiative and the Modesto Marathon on March 31st. Even if you are not running, it is always fun to support local events. My favorite part about Modesto is how it can be so big yet such a close knit community. I always seem to run into people I know, no matter where I go. I really hope to see some of you at any of these fun events Modesto has to offer this month.

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