All Ages View – Time for Tennis

What’s up, Modesto! hope you have all enjoyed your summer.
By Grace McNamara

I know I have. I love living in this beautiful city because there’s so much to do here, and there’s always something going on! With school starting back up again, I know it can feel stressful to go back into that environment, but there is still so much to enjoy here. There are many things to pass the time. One of my new favorite activities to do is playing tennis. Now I am no tennis player, but it¹s still fun to try new things. Modesto has many tennis courts that are completely free to use. I usually go to the one at Roosevelt park or Graceada park. Both of these spaces are well lit when the sun is down. I prefer to practice in cooler temperatures, and these courts are very nice. This is an awesome activity and super good for you. But, don¹t forget to bring your sunblock and a hat if you plan on playing mid-day! Be sure to look and find a tennis court near you.

With this hot weather we are having, there’s no better way to cool off than taking a dip in the water. Another place I recently discovered this summer is Mavis Stouffer park. Stouffer is a beautiful park that has nature sightings and a river. It is super fun to swim in or even use the rope swing! If you get tired of the water, there are also many sports fields and volleyball nets to use. This is also a cool place to go for a nature walk. There are multiple trails you can take that are gorgeous. You can even use their picnic tables and bring some food into the picnic pavilion. This is a great place for kids, or adults. There’s lots of shade and room to run around. It is located at 1000 Stouffer Street. It’s a beautifully maintained park, and I highly recommend checking it out! I hope you all enjoyed your summer!

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