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By Leia Johnson

I just spent half of June traveling through the beautiful country of Spain with my family. The distance from my hometown really increased my fondness for all of the wonderful things here. Make sure that this summer you don’t miss those exciting Modesto-specific events like Graffiti nights and concert in the park! I spent a good chunk of my travels on an island called Majorca, home to over 4,000 caves. I got the opportunity to venture through a pitch-black cave, half submerged in water, off of the coast of the island. It was an amazing experience and got me thinking, people in Modesto should be able to do this locally too!

There are two caverns near Modesto that are rich with California history and lots of family fun! At Mercer Caverns, about a 1.5 hour drive, the cost for adults is $16 and for children $9. Now let me tell you, this is incredible price for the adventure that awaits. The walking distance is about a quarter of a mile and the tour reaches 192 feet underground. This is great family activity, that all can accomplish. For more information, check out Another short 1 hour drive is to the adventure-filled, Moaning Cavern. This Cavern offers a variety of tours, each at different thrill levels. There are walking tours, 165 foot rope rappelling and longer adventure trips, all offered at one location. On top of exploring a new cavern, there is also a zip-line and a climbing tower at the site. For more information on this cavern, go to

Caverns are a great way for the entire family to have a daring, but safe, trip all together. Not to mention, it’s an ideal way to beat the heat! Both adventures are close, and in beautiful locations, so it’s easy to make a picnic and a day out of your trip. I hope you have a fantastic July and continue to stay involved in your community! Much Love

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