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All AgesView – Past Presidents

AllAgesView By Leia Johnson

Would you like to walk in the footsteps of the past presidents?

Recently I went to see Air Force 1, a plane used by some of our former presidents. There are only three of these planes and one is only a 35 minute drive to Atwater. Here, my family and I got to walk through the plane used by Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and yet another Bush. I learned funny interesting stories about this 119 foot long aircraft. For example Ronald Reagan would sit up at the cockpit and talk to the pilots. Nancy Reagan was a bit on the short side, the staff even brought footstools for her when she’s sitting. If you want to have just as much fun as I did, head over to and find a day you can go! This is a great thing to do in this nice weather.

Speaking of spring, I am going into high school next year and it’s going to be an extremely big transition for me. If you’re like me and in the eighth grade, it would be a smart decision to shadow someone at a high school your interested in going to. You basically follow around a highschooler for a day and get a feel for what it will be like. The schools try to match you up with a freshman who went to your school and has generally the same type of schedule your going into. Shadowing is a fun experience to help prepare you for your upcoming school year and answer most of your questions. If you’re not an eighth grader, I recommend visiting your next schools’, or next grades’ open houses. It’s really exciting to go into another grade, and going to these events will help make the transition easier.

Have a lucky, green, fabulous month!

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