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AllAges View – Momoka Interview


by Leia Johnson

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to go to Kurume, Japan and stay with a wonderful girl named Momoka. The exchange was reciprocated, so the Modesto students had the privilege of showing Momo and the other Japanese students around California. The Japanese students went to Sacramento and San Francisco, I also took Momoka to Colombia and Santa Cruz. In Japan we were treated like royalty, I am so happy to hear that the Japanese students felt the same in Modesto.

I interviewed Momoka to try and see Modesto from her perspective.
Q: What do you think people in Modesto should appreciate more about our city?
A: I think people should go to the flower clock and fountains (by the Double Tree Hotel). I like the area because it is green and has pretty water. I think the flower clock matches the “Water Wealth Contentment Health” Arch.

Q: Where is your favorite place in Modesto?
A: Other than the flower clock, it is the statue outside of the retirement home. I also like the McHenry Museum because it has a lot of interesting history.

Q: Do you like the people in Modesto?
A: Yes! They are very nice and treat me well.

Q: Where is your favorite place in California that you visited?
A: I really liked Colombia (The Pioneer Town in Sonora). I liked it because I enjoy old towns. The horse ride was my favorite, it was so fun.

Q: What is your favorite memory?
A: I like the time we saw the band at the Barkin’ Dog Grill. I also really liked the biscuit with chocolate and marshmallow (s’mores).

Q: Where is your favorite place you ate in Modesto?
A: The pizza from Mountain Mikes, also the size of the ice cream surprised me. It is much bigger in America. The hamburger from In-n-Out was very good.

Q: Better than Japan?
A: Of course!
This entire experience couldn’t have been possible for me without the Modesto Sister Cities program. If you haven’t already, look up to see what they are all about. It is an opportunity to make lifelong friends and memories all around the world. Also, if you are fortunate enough to visit Japan, make sure to stop in Kurume. It is one of my favorite places in the world and has the nicest people (along with my Motown Heroes). I would like to thank my friends in Kurume for my wonderful trip, but also the great people in Modesto that make it a spot that people want to visit year after year.
Hope this month is the best!



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