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By Leia Johnson

Modesto’s newest electronic duo, The Marbles, are already shaking up our music scene. Brooke Harvey and Tristian Napoleone just released “Soda Machine”, their first EP. These four tracks highlight the immense originality the group already possesses. The first track, “Pool Table” displays Brooke’s ethereal vocals paired with Tristian’s keyboard, and leaves you in a dream-like state. Check out the EP: The two have a shared love of electronic dream pop group, Beach House, as well as Kero Kero Bonito, Daft Punk and Gorillaz, which heavily influence them in their sound. Both are good friends with MAMA award winning, The Flowers, who gave The Marbles easy acess to gain popularity and play shows. Brooke describes the Modesto music scene as “almost hard to not be a part of” and explained that it was compelling because the talented community is composed of all “Modesto-ians”. Once the twenty year olds decided to pursue the project, opportunities to play popped up all over. The Marbles played Modspot, an excellent venue on J Street, November 10th with The Flowers and described it as their first ‘big’ show. “Modspot was sick!”, Brooke tells me, “I feel like there was a good handful of people that were just out hitting the town that stopped to look inside”. This is what makes the Modesto music scene so unique, it is accessible to join and easy to support. The Marbles are going to be playing some shows this winter, so follow their Instagram @the.marbles and also be sure to follow ModSpot Event Center on Facebook for information about their upcoming events.

Modspot is hosting an “All Ages Rockin’ NYE” this New Years! This event will be displaying the musical acts and bands coming from the VMIRocks School of Rock program and will be featuring a magic show from Magician Shawn Durham. This event will be so much fun, and alcohol free, so it’s a great event for your kids to go to have a great time!

I hope everybody has wonderful holidays!! Keep supporting your local artists and getting involved in the community.



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