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AllAgesView – 50 Years Ago Today

By Leia Johnson

It was 50 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play! The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ is ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as the #1 album of all time…and it’s birthday is June 1st 1967! In the spirit of retrospect, I will be spending my summer in vinyl mode. Rasputin record store (by the mall), is an awesome place to look for used vinyls and find great new bands for cheap. Below their brand new music sections, there are hundreds of retro vinyls, most in extremely good condition for about $1. There is something remarkable about listening to an album, cover to cover in its purest form. Another place to look for new music is at local thrift stores in the CD or vinyl section. Once at the Hope Chest, I found The Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ record inside a Peter, Paul and Mary sleeve. There is so much music to be shared and recycled and this is the month for it!

Growing up, my favorite movie was The Sandlot, so summertime baseball has always resonated well with me. Most high schools will be sporting ‘Summer-Ball’, so don’t forget to catch those games. But it is also important with all this free time to just get out with friends and play sports without boundaries or plans. Local parks and fields are great places to get your necessary Vitamin D. Another great way to get active is visiting Graceada Park every Thursday night for Concert in the Park!! This is seriously so classic for every single age group, I can’t express this enough. This is a home-town classic made for everyone…all you need is a blanket and your friends! Be there every Thursday night between June 8th and July 13th; this event makes the summer so enjoyable and exciting. Check out the MoBand website for more



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