AllAgesView – A New Decade

By Sofia Johnson
It’s a new decade Modesto and we are carrying over all the excitement Modesto offered and continues to offer as we enter the 20s! Of course we all make our resolutions at this time so I would like to share mine with you. My goal for the year 2020 is minimalism. I will create minimalistic habits for myself that I hope to carry on even after the year is over. One of the biggest polluting industries in the world is fashion; we buy clothes just to decide they are not in style and throw them out a few months later. Instead, try second hand stores and maybe even clothes swaps with friends. I, personally, am in love with the new Mad Monk on Sisk Rd, Modesto. This store has such a wide selection of used clothing for every style (highly recommended!) Other minimalistic habits would be giving experiences as gifts rather than material items. This could be taking a friend to a concert, an art class together, a hike, a ski trip… whatever you think they would like.

​The most significant change that is better financially and environmentally are reusables and compostables! I cannot stress enough how easy this lifestyle change is. Something as simple as a reusable water bottle or a reusable bag to bring to the grocery store with you can make a major impact. I even keep a bag of paper straws in my car so that they are always there when needed.

I am going to start my 2020’s embracing ideas from the 1920’s spending time, not things on people and using resources wisely. Modesto has so much to offer to help my resolutions be successful.

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