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By Sofia Johnson

Happy April Modesto! In spirit of Earth Day being this month, I wanted to recognize how much the earth is flourishing in the midst of all the chaos. The nitrogen dioxide emissions from China have dropped significantly since factories have been forced to close, resulting in big cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou seeing blue skies for the first time in years. Italy is also seeing positive impacts of the quarantine such as clear water and the return of swans in their canals. In addition to this, as individuals and families, we are forced to conserve materials and use only what is absolutely necessary. Though it may seem insignificant, these small sacrifices lead to big results for our climate. I think it is important for us to take this time to remember that it is not us that is the problem, it is our systems and the way we interact with the earth.

Now, I know how hard it is to not go out and enjoy our amazing town but it is important to remain healthy not just for yourself but for those around you as well. With this, there are still many things to do to stay entertained: spring clean, have a family movie night, cook a new meal, do a puzzle. Between school, work, sports, and extracurriculars, it can be hard to catch your breath but this is the perfect time to pause for a second, regroup, and do the things you have been wanting to do but haven’t had the time for.

A trend that has started in my neighborhood by the elementary students is writing inspirational quotes in chalk on the sidewalks. This would also be a great time to foster animals from the shelter, especially now that there is more downtime for everyone.

It is very easy to look at all the negatives that surround us at this time but it is important to be optimistic and use this time productively. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy this month!

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