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By Grace McNamara

Hey Modesto!I hope you are all enjoying this hot summer. Recently, I visited our Farmers Market, one of my favorite activities, especially in the summertime. The Modesto Farmers Market has been around since 1979. The locals who grow fresh produce for sale are there. You can also find fun homemade items for sale. My favorite booth that I always come back to is the Bolani. The Bolani is Afghan stuffed flatbreads with dips and sauces. It’s delicious. I also love picking up a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers from Kelly Flower Farm for my loved ones and myself. Please help support our local farmers by showing up Thursday and Saturday mornings. When you shop here, you support our local growers, who provide fruits and veggies straight from their farm to your table. The Modesto Certified Farmers Market is located on 16th street between I and H, next to the Stanislaus Library. It is open from 8 am to 1 pm.

I am super excited to tell you all that my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer is back. Concert In The Park! This is a fun community-building activity with friends and family. Our very own MoBand plays at Graceada park on Thursday nights! We have two concerts left. July 7th is “American Song Book,” and July 14th is titled “Hot Hits.” The concert starts at 8 pm, but people usually like to come a bit early. Enjoy a picnic while listening to the music. You can bring some friends and lay out a blanket. Get some of your favorite foods that you bought at the market to eat. Bring dinner, snacks, drinks, and even some games to play. You can sometimes find food trucks or ice cream trucks that swoop by now and then! This is a summer activity you don’t want to miss, and I highly recommend you come by before it’s too late. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Independence Day. Stay cool, Modesto.

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