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AllAgesView – What’s Curling?

By Leia Johnson

Over the winter holiday, I had the awesome opportunity to practice the Olympic sport of curling while in Lake Tahoe. It was such an interesting experience and inspired me to continue trying new and even unusual sports. I highly recommend looking out for clubs and events to expand your ‘game repertoire’. Spring is such a wonderful time to get out into the air and enjoy Modesto’s weather heating up! And there are so many cool, unique programs in the Stanislaus area for all ages! Clubs that surround sports like fencing, rugby, archery and roller-hockey are all accessible near Modesto.

In the last month, the Central Valley Rugby Club has begun sign ups! Coached by two local, experienced rugby players, this could be an awesome way to familiarize yourself with a different sport! To contact the coordinator, Christina Glenn for more information, call 209-287-2682 or email her at<> . If practices and giving up weekends for games isn’t your style, there are still tons of neat ways to try a new sport in Modesto.

One of everyone’s favorite additions in 2016 is the new ‘MB2 Raceway’. There are nothing but stellar reviews from this indoor go kart raceway, and the experience is too fun to neglect! Check out the website for booking details.

As mentioned in the last issue, the Stanislaus Dry Creek River Trail is an ideal location for biking, running, tennis, picnics, walking your dog and even frisbee golf! Yes, it’s not just a game invented for the wii! With a full course at East La Loma Park, frisbee golf is a great way to get your dose of vitamin D.

My songs for February are ‘Birds Don’t Sing’ by TV Girl, ‘PPP’ by Beach House and ‘Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)’ by Unknown Mortal Orchestra! Don’t forget to support your local artists and musicians this month!!



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