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Thursday Night A.A.: Art and Alcohol

I normally do not attend Modesto Art Walk because it requires me to be outside, and outside is my least favorite place to be (aside from the gym). However, I have been attempting to get more involved in Modesto downtown activities that do not exclusively revolve around alcohol. I am hoping this sudden not-fully-sloshed active interest in the local community will help give me a leg-up in the upcoming Miss America race, because I look damn good in a satin sash. For those of you who are unawares, downtown Modesto hosts a local art walk on the third Thursday of the month from 5-9 p.m. This year-round event features a bevy of local artists’ work showcased in local downtown venues. Handy-dandy Art Walk maps are available at a number of locations downtown for your convenience. Also, this event is always free of charge (which means more money for the bar!).

So one unnaturally windy Thursday night, Phil and I ventured to my least favorite place (outside) to try and culture our uncultured selves. The results were surprisingly fun:

First Stop- Deva Café for the Ramble & Lorena & Jamie Loftis Okay, so Deva is not listed on the Art Walk map, but it is for sure an excellent first stop. Not only were Phil and I able to grab a tasty sandwich, I was able to also get in my first ‘personality drink’ (big glass of Dustbowl) before further interacting with the general public. Most importantly, Deva is an excellent first stop because every week from 7:30-10:30 they throw the Thursday Night Ramble (it’s on Thursday, just in case it’s unclear). Thursday Night Ramble features a consistently appealing line-up of local and regionally adjacent musicians (a few of whom I happen to know– not that it’s a big deal or anything) who do most excellent live music. So between the sandwiches, local art, local/regionally adjacent music, and the BEER, I vote Deva a must-stop for any Thursday night happenings. 1202 J St., Modesto/572.3382

Second Stop- Barkin’ Dog Grill for Music & Kevin Durst Barkin’ Dog Grill is the very first stop on the Art Walk map list; and it is with just cause. They have featured local art, they have live music by David Dow & the Open Jam on Thursdays, they have beer, they have wine, they have an avocado bacon cheeseburger which may cause you to reexamine your life, and best yet– Barkin’ Dog is right in the center of the Art Walk. A Drop Top and Gordon Biersch later (both for me, of course– I don’t share 940 11th St., Modesto/572.2341

Then, Phil and I headed over to…. Third Stop- Tresetti’s World Caffe for Patio Pitchers & Greg Stephens Like I need another reason to go to Tresetti’s! Now they’re doing these fantastic things called Patio Pitchers that involve alcohol and seasonal fruit served in a sizeable pitcher that is meant to be shared and not wholly consumed all by your lonesome. Tresetti’s is the perfect end to your Art Walk adventures because a) it’s right across the street from Barkin’ Dog so you can visit the surrounding galleries and drink with the confidence that you know your way back, b) the combination of Tresetti’s patio + their Patio Pitchers makes for an ideal after-Art Walk-meet-up spot, c) maybe you just saw too much incredible art over the course of one evening and your brain needs a pitchers-worth of mental detox in order to process it all. Tresetti’s, Greg, and a pitcher of Tangerine Dream (the flavor of the week) will take excellent care of you. 927 11th St., Modesto/572.2990

Mind you, I only included establishments who serve the sweet nectar; be sure to grab an Art Walk map for a complete list of local participants. ModestoView Magazine is a proud supporter of both the Ramble and the Modesto Art Walk. SEE– We are good people! Extra Credit Miss America points? …. please? I need all the help I can get.

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Kate Serpa does not live in Modesto, CA, nor does she attend court-reporting school. She has not played for the piano for a number of years and she is definitely not excited about helping out at the McHenry Museum. She detests drinking, bar hopping, and late night adventures, and thinks girls who dye their hair red are disgraceful. She has absolutely zero sense of humor and is boring as hell.