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BrewView’s Grab-N-Go Etiquette

By Brandilyn Brown and Christopher Mitchell

Slainte, friends! As of this writing, Stanislaus County is moving to Stage 2 reopening. As exciting as that is, we still need to practice Covid common sense, and to help you with that we’ve made a list of grab-n-go libations etiquette. Be respectful and nice while you’re out and about. Let’s love Modesto!

1. Growlers: There’s been a lot of chatter on social media about which containers are acceptable, and growlers are the only acceptable refillable item. Don’t bring milk jugs, juice bottles, glass bottles, wine bottles, just leave them at home. Most breweries and restaurants are not even allowing you to bring in your own growler. If you bring a growler, be prepared to return it to your car and purchase a new one for the safety of the staff. Better yet, call ahead and ask what the protocol is for the particular place you are going as each business has their own policy on this. Many places that are not allowing you to bring your own growler, are selling growlers at a discount since it’s an inconvenience. 

2. Put your drive time to good use by ordering online or calling ahead to place your order. That way you don’t have to exchange cash, your food can be brought out to you right away, and since you pre-tipped, you know your drink will be perfect. Which leads us to #3, tipping.

3. You still need to tip. It’s the right thing to do to show our essential workers that we appreciate them. We suggest $1 per drink. If you can afford a $20 growler refill, you can afford to tip that extra buck for it. (Or more if you can afford it!)

4. Wear a mask. It only protects you a little, but it protects the people around you a lot. If you appreciate the business being open, show your appreciation by caring about their employees and staff. (And wear it correctly! Refer to the “Ineffective Face Mask Bingo” for the wrong ways to wear a mask.) Masks work using strength in numbers. If we all wear them, then we’re all protected. Show fellow Modestans you care by keeping your germs to yourself. 

5. Don’t drink and drive. It’s tempting to taste your perfect, delicious cocktail, but it’s going to taste way better at home, with your shoes off, sitting on the couch while streaming “Solar Opposites”. If it’s too tempting, put it in the cup holder in the back seat. Remember, if it looks open, it’ll be considered an open container if you are pulled over. Be safe and smart out there. 

If you have any other tips, share them on social media and hashtag them #modestoview. We’d love to see your cocktail selfies too! Sip on, friends!

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