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Buddy’s Pub – NightView

By Kate Serpa

I hadn’t heard about Buddy’s until recently when a friend of mine told me about a bar with a great tap selection and a lax rule on throwing peanut shells on the ground.  My initial thought was:  in Modesto?  I haven’t heard of such a place.  I’m a bit on the arrogant side in which I assume I know every bar within Modesto limits, so a new place called Buddy’s was news to me.  However, lo and behold, ModestoView readers, Roseburg Square had been hiding a gem of a bar that truly lives up to its name.  Buddy’s is not only delivering an excellent bar and restaurant combo punch, it’s also a place which is totally geared toward making patrons feel as though they are a buddy of Buddy’s.


Adorable Jacquie Broussard has been shaking up her signature spiked teas behind Buddy’s bar for five months. Previously in coffee, she is now bringing her fantastic mixing skills behind the bar.  She is currently attending the nursing program at Delta (here’s where I will spare you a bad pun about how she’s a pro at nursing both patients and bar patrons back into good spirits) and cites Vierra’s as a local favorite.  When asked what her alcohol preference is, she can’t seem to decide, listing off wheat beer and dessert wine, but then begins to name a variety.  She states she loves creating and trying new drinks and mixing fun flavors both alcoholic (twisted cherry coke) and non (watermelon ice tea).


Buddy’s is named for owner Tom Arnold’s young son and is fully representative of the establishment.  Buddy’s is only a year old and was created by Arnold as a casual alternative to Appetez (which is directly next door and shares the same building, and kitchen).  Buddy’s isn’t simply a bar, by the way, but also a family-friendly restaurant that dishes out bbq (and from Jacquie says, a mean pulled-pork sandwich) from its enormous outside grill.  Buddy’s has a full bar and 12 beers on tap, hosting three or four new varieties a month. Buddy’s is currently the only establishment in town to have Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale, which is surprisingly un-cider-y and worth heading out now (yes,right now) to try.  It should be noted that Buddy’s also has a surprisingly extensive wine list and always has a featured monthly bottle.


Jacquie states that Buddy’s mission statement is that everyone who walks in the door to feel immediately as though they belong.  Jacquie also states that because Buddy’s is locally owned and operated that it is Buddy’s job to build their business into the community and make it the best in can possibly be.  In my opinion the aspects that set Buddy’s apart are the details.


You may be unaware, but Buddy’s offers something really fantastic called the ‘Buddy Locker.’  This ingenious system is aimed at the shot-taking crowd (which yours truly has ceased to be a member of since that throwing-up-on-the-dance-floor-because-of-tequila night…which we shall never speak of), which if you are a member of, should considering taking full advantage of.  Here’s how the Buddy Locker works: you purchase a bottle of your favorite poison at retail price at Buddy’s who will then store your bottle in one of its behind-the-bar lockers.  Your bottle will be eagerly awaiting your return and you can then pour out shots at your convenience at $1 a go.  This is an excellent set-up for birthdays, impending heartbreak, and frequent customers.


Speaking of frequent customers, Buddy’s has yet another ingenious system called…wait for it…the Buddy System.  This system is specifically geared toward regular patrons/buddies.  Here’s how it works: you are issued a card with which you are able to accumulate points, and these points accumulate perks, and who doesn’t love perks?  Perks include happy hour prices at any given time, or having your name engraved on any number of the wall-mounted tankards ready for your disposal any time you’re at Buddy’s.  I’d say you’d have to be a pretty mean and miserable person not to get a tad excited about either one of Buddy’s systems.  And if you are that mean and miserable, do us all a favor and don’t come to Buddy’s; you’ll ruin the fun vibe.

How would Jacquie sum up Buddy’s?  It’s about family, creating fun moments, and finding new buddies, three things that I believe would be easy to access given the great vibe Buddy’s projects.  Come for the pulled pork sandwiches and fantastic bar, come back for the awesome vibe, great staff, and lax rules on peanut-shell throwing.


Jaquie’s Southern Spiked Tea

Here’s what you need:

-1/2 oz. Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey

-4 oz. Lemonade

-4 oz. Ice Tea

-1 oz. Tuaca

Here’s what you do: -Throw all the ingredients in a shaker.  Well, don’t actually throw them in.  You know what I mean.

-Shake and pour into a tall lemon-garnished glass filled with ice.


This drink is very light, a great alcoholic alternative to the usual ice tea, and surprisingly orange.


Buddy’s Pub

825 W Roseburg Ave
Modesto, CA 95350

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