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ComedyView: MAMA Ha Ha

ComedyView: MAMA HA HA
By Felicia Aleman

Hello, hello, hello. It’s October! The month I get a haircut, a new dress and shave my legs because it’s the MAMA Awards.
(look literally anywhere else in this magazine if you need to know what the MAMA awards are).
Always one to find a way to get out of writing my column, I asked this years’ MAMAnees to give me a statement for undecided voters. Surprisingly, there is very little that needs to be redacted. Also, everyone on this list is funny. I don’t want to look for a thesaurus to find synonyms.
Jacob Blaeser is the only first-time MAMAnee. “Take nothing seriously, because it’s all made up and everyone is faking it…” He’s so deep…
A.J. DeMello is a sunshine-y kind of guy so this is exactly what we expect from him: “I’ll be dead in a year. Vote for the other guy”. Don’t worry, Readers, I have known A.J. for like 3 years and he’s been dying in a year the whole time.
Taylor Evans gave this heartfelt quote: “Vote for A.J.”.
Nick Larson kept it short “Why wasn’t I nominated last year? <REDACTED>
Rhoda D. Ramone is not my favorite comic on this list because I do not play favorites. “Let me quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said…”I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.'”
Jason Sohm gives us this: “I don’t care I already won a Sohmie” For those who aren’t familiar, a Sohmie is an award Jason gives himself that strongly resembles a Pabst tall can and pack of smokes.
Insane Wayne didn’t give me a statement, but he’s probably working, because he is a busy guy!
The next 2 MAMA-nees have each won before.
Anthony Krayenhagen aka Anthony K. Short and simple: “I’ll be headlining the Gallo Center for the Arts November 14, 2020”
Chris Teicheira has a message I think many can relate to. “Can someone give me a ride to the State Theatre? I have license issues”
The last MAMA-nee is Jimmie Menezes. He is up for win number 3. Jimmie produces shows throughout the 209 including the foothills. Jimmie says: “I am proud to put smiles on the faces of a community that gets voted as ‘one of the most miserable places to live every year in national polls. If laughter is the best medicine, our area needs it most of all and I deliver in spades.”
Vote for MAMA!



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