FamilyView: Pageo Lavender Farm Photo Ops

FamilyView: Pageo Lavender Farm Photo Ops
By Brandilyn Mitchell


Pageo Lavender Farm, owned and operated by George & Patty Kapor, has a romantic back story. The Kapors bought the property in 1998, with an inkling that they wanted to have a herb farm. They had visited a herb farm-restaurant combo in Connecticut called Capriland, and wondered if a small farm in Connecticut could support a year-long venture like that, one in California with gorgeous weather 11 months of the year certainly could thrive, too! Patty’s dad visited to check out the property and surprised the family by stating he used to live there in high school! Patty’s dad met her mom on the same property when he went to rescue one of her family’s cows that got out of the yard. So how cute is it that people both fall in love on this farm *and* seal their love with a marriage on this farm, too!? They got started on their project and in 2007 hosted their first wedding on the farm. Their son Josh graduated from college and became the events manager, and one of their daughters-in-law, Tina, makes most of the lovely items in the gift shop like the soap, sprays and teas. While weddings might be what they’re known for, their first passion is lavender. It’s everywhere! Imbued in every crevice possible, gracing us with its scent and beauty. And did you notice “Pageo” is a combination of both their names? Super cute!

Are you looking for a pregnancy, engagement or another special photo shoot? You can rent their lavender field for $35/hour for photos. My husband booked them for a Mother’s Day present so I could do a “Mommy and Me” photo shoot. It was a really fun afternoon being silly with my daughter and enjoying the gorgeous grounds. Our daughter was very entertained looking at all the plants, flowers and bees. (To help your littles get energy out before the shoot, feel free to show up early to walk the grounds, visit the gift shop or place some bocce ball.) 

They are open Wednesday-Saturday for brunch on the patio and require brunch reservations. The patio is lovely year-round with its heaters. When we called to RSVP, we requested a grilled cheese sandwich with broccoli salad as the side, a mixed berry spinach salad with homemade strawberry vinaigrette and a soup of the day. It was ready for us Saturday morning and we ordered a Spicy Lady and a Lavender Margarita on our first round with our food. I was skeptical about the Spicy Lady with the jalapeno, but it was the perfect balance paired with blood orange and was our favorite of the four drinks we tried. Look out Bloody Mary, the Spicy Lady has you beat! The Lavender Margarita was very bright and crisp. On our second round, we ordered the Cosmopolitan and The Molly Jane. Both were refreshing and easy-drinkin’. The garnishes for each drink were spectacularly beautiful, and I kept all the lavender sprigs, heehee.

Are you always trying to find unique gifts or want to make a unique cocktail? Buy a bundle of lavender and a bottle of lavender sugar that Tina makes on-site for a thoughtful present (or so you can make some delicious libations at home). Follow them on either Facebook or Instagram for more info on their seasonal vendor markets, U-pick days (which are happening now!), and other fun events. 

Note: Photos courtesy Christian Winger, photographer

Pageo Lavender Farm
11573 Golf Road
Turlock, CA 95380

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