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FashionView – Local Gems

July is the peak of the summer heat and the prime time for exploring new places with friends

and family, relaxing in the sun, and shopping the scene. There are so many nearby locations
that can make it feel as if you are vacationing in your own backyard. The fresh warm summer
air can be extremely peaceful and uplifting so why not get some shopping done while your at
it? You would be pleasantly surprised at the vast array of unique boutiques and locally owned
businesses in our area.

It makes you feel really special

when you walk into a small boutique,
or any store for that matter, and you
are instantly acknowledged. Excellent
customer service is what keeps me
coming back for more, no matter how
enticing the décor may be. As I walked
into Unique Boutiques, 180 Leveland
Ln. crossed at McHenry, I instantly felt
welcomed. Lisa, the owner and a designer,
asked me if I had ever visited the
boutique before, since I hadn’t, she proceeded
to show me around one of the
most adorable and Unique Boutiques
that I have seen in Modesto. The boutique
holds handmade items from about
forty different local specialty businesses.
It holds about 80% brand new items
even though they look like they stepped
out of an antique shop. It’s easy to see
that Lisa’s main focus for her business
is variety, affordability, quality handmade
pieces, and keeping it local.
I literally felt like I was on a hunt
to find the most unique and must have
treasures for myself. As I looked around
though, I found amazing gifts for just
about each person I know, and that says
a lot if your able to do that in the same
place. The boutique was very well organized
and had an area for each type
of specialty item. Handmade scarves,
jewel hats, purses and zebra print wallets,
newly made vintage style jewelry,
lighted wine bottles, baby blankets,
hair clips and headbands, the cutest
children’s aprons with chef hats, and
much, much more. The beeswax that
makes the beeswax candles is local and
the lavender that is used to infuse items
like biscotti cookies, cakes, and other
goodies is also grown and made locally.
They carry a full dog boutique with the
cutest jewel collars, little dog outfits for
the little bad boy or the cute frilly little
girl pup to play dress up in, and much
more. The refurbished antique furniture
is an outstanding addition to any room
that you want to feel more comfortable
and contemporary. The furniture prices
are comparable to an antique store but
the pieces Unique Boutique carry are
already refurbished, painted, modernized,
and ready to be a perfect fit into
any room for anyone, big or small, boy
or girl, depending on the color scheme
you may be seeking.
Unique Boutique is a perfect one
stop gift shop. And for the shoppee they
have a Wish List that you can fill out and
take to a loved one with your personal
picks, and when they come back to the
boutique and purchase your wish list
items they get a 20% off coupon. Talking
about coupons, the boutique offers
a 20% off weekend, about every month,
to show how much they appreciate their
customers and how much they love to
keep it local. On July 16, 2011 they will
be having a Sidewalk Sale with many
more additions to the already huge inventory
they carry and with an added
20% off for the entire day it sounds like
boutique heaven.



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