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Puppy Love – Rescue Your Love

Puppy Love
Shelter Pets
By Abigail Murphy

We know that some of our closest loved ones on Valentine’s Day are the pets we celebrate and take care of everyday! They love us unconditionally. If you are married, single or looking, Valentine’s Day is always good when you have your pets. As in real life, there is a match out there waiting for you, and in case, needing you.

Did you know that it is both super easy, super cost effective, and super rewarding to rescue a pet here in Modesto? Harrison and I rescued Truman, our dapper coverdog this month with the classic bow tie, from the Stanislaus County Animal Services Shelter out on Cornucopia Way. All animals are listed on their website and updated hourly to help you know if the right pet is available for rescue. Each pet has a number or a name that you can write down and take with you to the shelter so that you can meet and get to know your new potential pet. Or, if you just want to browse the shelter, you can walk in and see which animal speaks the most to you. When we rescued Truman, we worked with the most wonderful staff and we were able to adopt and rescue Truman within a couple days, for only $100 (+ just $12 for neutering). That saved us literally THOUSANDS of dollars when we thought about the option of a “perfect” posh dog, but it turns out our little stray found on 2nd Street on Thanksgiving was the perfect guy for us! His teeth were worn from eating rocks, but he was healthy and loving and he truly needed to find a family.

Pro Tip: All animals are adopted on a first come, first serve basis – so make sure you get there early on the day your pet is “available” to make sure you get who you want. Also, the Stanislaus County Animal Services Shelter is a no kill shelter! That means they do not euthanize when they are overfilled or at capacity and work with other shelters to make sure everyone has a chance to be adopted. Win, Win! Spread the love this month by rescuing the pet of your dreams. Check out<> to learn more.

Here are a couple of other great rescue agencies and places in the Central Valley:
Destiny’s Hope Animal Rescue<>

Kate’s Rescue for Animals<>

Central California SPCA<>



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