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GeekeryView: National Cosplay Day Celebration


National Cosplay Day is June 18th, and a small group of local cosplayers met at Mavis Stouffer Park in Ripon to celebrate.

The park, with plenty of shade, some playground equipment, and a conveniently located farmer’s market nearby for snacks was perfect for the nearly 30 people who showed up dressed as their favorite characters.

Local duo The Dramatics, comprised of Gerald and Carrie Shea, serenaded us with with original work as well as few well-known geeky song covers.

“Modesto is ripe for events like this.” says Toni Cardinale, dressed as Western Wonder Woman. “Gatherings like this happen all the time in southern California and in Sacramento, but we need more of them here.”

“We hosted this event so like-minded people could come hang out and feel like they belong somewhere and so we have reasons to dress up in between cons.” Jennifer Golden as Punk Spider Girl said.

This same group of people is also gearing up for the much-rumored  Modesto-Con. YES, MODESTO. YOU HEARD IT STRAIGHT FROM PIKACHU’S MOUTH: Mod-Con is coming May 2016.

Subscribe to their page to keep updated on events, especially regarding our very own Con.

Special thanks to Maxi’s in the DoubleTree hotel for hosting the after party.
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(Rick and Morty duo Alex Eltringham and Nick Silva were my favorite. #foreverandever100years)



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