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Go Big Or Go Home – Hero’s Sports Lounge


Hero’s Sports Lounge & Pizza Co.

“Go big or go home,”

By: Kate Serpa  


I don’t get very excited over sports bars.  I’m not one to tune in for big games, I couldn’t tell you who is on whatever team… I’m more of an indoor martini sort of person rather than a baseball game and beer one.  99% of sports bars I’ve ventured into have been a bit disappointing, to be nice, and can only be described as dark, narrow as hell, and unremarkable.  But I tell you what, ModestoView readers, Hero’s Sports Lounge and Pizza Co. has a firm grasp on that remaining 1% and it blows the rest out of the water. 

Hero’s 14,000 square feet features pool tables, outdoor patio seating (equipped with televisions, of course), electronic poker, a sizable bar-side stage with a huge projection screen, banquet hall on the upper level, a VIP lounge featuring a 15 ft. screen, and seven, I counted twice to be sure, flat screen TVs around the main bar, and just so happens to be a doorway away from fresh, fantastic beer from St. Stan’s Brewing Company.  Part bar/restaurant, part sports memorabilia museum, Hero’s is damn impressive to say the least.  This interview was the first time I had been to Hero’s.  You better believe I was back the next day for more IPA.

The ceiling-high extensive memorabilia collection, belonging to Hero’s owner Dan Carranza, is as versatile as the establishment itself.  Notable items include a Lance Armstrong jersey, Shaq’s unbelievably enormous shoe, a number of Muhammad Ali items including a copy of his vinyl hit “I Am The Greatest”, 73 significant ticket stubs from Barry Bonds’ 2001 season…. honestly, there’s so much you’ll have to go see yourself.  I’ve even heard rumors of Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe’s marriage certificate being housed there. The collection is so staggering it makes me wonder if Hero’s is just so large as to fit everything in!  

As if this amazing array of collectables wasn’t enough, Hero’s is also home to the lovely Ms. Melissa Jaco, who is as hospitable as she is hot.  Jaco, mother of two boys, has been working for the family owned establishment for 1 1Ž2 years and is quick to sing praises about Hero’s.  “There are a lot of great bars in Modesto [she lists Speakeasy as a favorite], but Hero’s offers a variety that other places don’t.”  She lists the menu as being particularly distinctive in that it offers the expected bar food but also offers a number of unique items and also many healthy options, the weekly line-up of happenings (listed below just for you), the events hosted by Hero’s, and the seasonally rotating beer selection.  Jaco reassures, “We’re never without a good porter.”  Jaco also states Hero’s is individual in that it’s out of the downtown circuit.  She says, “People who are here want to be here.  It isn’t the usual crowd.”          

Jaco also notes that the variety of events Hero’s hosts brings in a variety of people.  Naturally sports events are a huge draw; Hero’s also hosts weigh-ins for amateur fights.  Sports aside, Hero’s also holds live music and comedy nights.            

I’ll admit…I drank quite a bit of St. Stan’s fantastic beer that day while talking to Melissa.  I asked her how she might sum up Hero’s in one sentence.  She stated: “Go big or go home,” a motto, I believe, perfectly befitting.


Knockout Punch!

-1 1Ž2 oz. Smirnoff Raspberry

-1Ž2 oz. Amaretto

-1 oz. Alize

-2 oz. Cranberry Juice

-2 oz. O.J. 

…Stir it all up.  Put some damn feeling in it.

-finish with a healthy float of Malibu and a cherry

(Triple, quadruple, or quintuple for a pitcher-full of Knockout)           

Happy Hour Every Day!

3-6 pm

$3 well, microbrews, appetizers

$5 personal pizzas

$2.50 domestic


Lazy Sunday- Happy Hour all day

Taco Tuesday- $2 tacos + other amazing specials (fish tacos are a steal)

Whatcha Want Wednesdays- $5 shots any way you want, you pick, we pour

Friday- Live Music

Select Saturdays- UFC

*Also: Be sure to look out for Hero’s Halloween party!


Thank you to Melinda and Hero’s for the opportunity to stop by!

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