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Greetings from ModestoView | 05-07-2020

Greetings from ModestoView | 05-07-2020  
ModestoView News Letter

Greetings Friends!

Do you hear that sound?  It is the sound of slowly and safely opening up.  We are all digging our new skills, live casts and new home improvements, but we need to make sure that as we start to go outdoors, we do it safe.  Distancing and hand washing is the key to doing this right, no matter what it is.  Be cool, don’t blow it and let’s be an example of success.    But the most important thing is the new ModestoView is out, loaded with great stories about the 1940s, cool DIY projects with “Lovely Indeed”  Chelsea Foy and other great grab n go tips for great eating.  You better act fast as the PopTails at Fuzio and the Popcorn at the State sell out! Brenden now has curbside popcorn and the curbside menus are getting bigger.  Bit by bit, are we discovering a new normal?   

But in the meantime, ModestoView is delivering great info, 100% positive stories and our nightly 6 pm MAMA Music Casts at   You will hear a wide variety of great music nightly and hope you will discover some new faves. Couchfest was this last weekend and we all had fun and hope you tipped the bands.  When enjoy the music, flow a couple of bucks to these fine musicians.   

This weekend is Mother’s Day and I know that there are some pretty crafty kids out there and there are some fun celebrations in store.  Im sure Mom would love some Grab n Go, a local bike ride, some sidewalk chalk greetings, or a theme event for brunch.  There is always something fun to do.   

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There are some real events starting to pop up in the fall and we are loading up our calendar now so send us your new fall dates at   

We will see you online or when we are picking up curbside and let’s stay safe and Strong Modesto #modestostrong

Modesto Strong

Wednesday 6:30 pm Trex on Wax on Facebook 
Wednesday 6 pm Kelly Foley & Bobbin Holley Virtually Live from  ModestoView 
Wednesday 7 pm KAT Country California Pull from KAT Country
Thursday 7 pm Bedtime Stories from the Stanislaus County Library
Thurs/Sat 8 am Modesto Certified Farmers Market next to the Modesto Library 
Thurs 10 am/4:30 pm Pilates with Victoria Popoff from ModestoView 
Friday 6 pm Gathering of the Vibes Virtually Live from ModestoView
Friday 8 pm The Shire Social Distancing Concert from The Shire 
Saturday 10 am Drive-By Art Show at MoCon Theatre at 10th & E Street 
Sunday 5 pm Effie Passero Virtually Live from ModestoView 

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Modesto Grab and Go

By ModestoView

This is a really tough time for our local restaurants. We all want to make sure that we are safe and following the guidelines. But we all need to eat, and if we can get our favorite foods from our favorite restaurants, that would be fantastic. And you can. Most of our local restaurants are offering Grab and Go Curbside pick up. You can even get your favorite wine, beer and cocktails in a to-go-to drink at-home format. We are trying to keep this list up to date on so you know where to go. If you can, please order directly from the restaurant and get some fresh air and go pick it up as Doordash and GrubHub, although convenient, take up to 30% from the restaurant. Let’s support our local food during this time.

BigView: 1940’s 

By Chris Murphy  

 The 1940s were a decade of change in Modesto USA. As the depression of the 1930s slowly changed into a wartime America, Modesto would be home to one of the largest military hospitals, but underneath the war effort, Modesto survived the depression better than many other areas. Our agricultural economy really took hold, Gallo got bigger, other major food processors would get started and companies and co-ops like Tri-Valley Growers would grow rapidly as major grocery chains developed in a post-war America and our region lead the way. Following the war, suburban neighborhoods would develop, Modesto would expand, and the availability of fuel, rubber for tires and a population at peace would experience new wealth and freedom of time. This automotive freedom would lead to family vacations on the highways of the USA, the unique drive-ins became a staple of the open road and the teens of Modesto began to cruise and those drive-ins became a hangout. Cars were the new freedom of expression and popular culture would expand rapidly in art, music, architecture, food and more. Our friend Carl Baggese captures the spirit of the 1940s in Modesto. Read More

Chelsea Foy: Because Isn’t Modesto Lovely?

By Abigail Murphy 

Chelsea Foy, Modesto native and current College-Area resident, has become one of Modesto’s most popular and creative social influencers and bloggers over the past few years. Remember when all those adorable chalk messages popped up around downtown? That was her! Chelsea grew up on an almond ranch and for her, living out in “the country” inspired a fascination with all the fun, exciting things there were to do in Downtown Modesto. After following her creative passions to New York City and LA, she knew she would come back to her hometown to invest in the community every way that she and her family can to show her kids how incredible, lively, and positively wonderful Modesto is! Read More​​​​​​​

MAMA Virtual Live 

By Middagh Goodwin  

 ModestoView and the Modesto Area Music Association have been live-streaming local artists since almost the beginning of the pandemic. We plan to continue our nightly broadcast through May and beyond if needed. We feel music is essential and the way we interact with each other and the musicians are memories that last a lifetime.  All performances start at 6 pm except for Effie Passero on May 10th she is starting at 5 pm(she is two hours ahead of us sheltering in place in Mexico). We will also be going live with several musicians this weekend for couchfest(presented by Modesto Porchfest) and sharing the rest to our feed. Streaming Live from the ModestoView Facebook page. Read More

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