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Hip Hop MAMAnees

Hip Hop MAMAnees 

By Joseph Zimmerer

This year it has been brought to many people’s attention just how long Hip Hop has been around. All this talk of the 50th birthday of Hip Hop makes this year’s Modesto Area Music Awards extra special. For well over two decades the Modesto Area Music Awards have been a spotlight that focuses on the local talent in and around Modesto California. There have been quite a few changes in the local music scene in the past 20 years. The venues, bars, and events in and around Modesto have not been as receptive to Hip Hop and Rap music as it was just a decade ago, never the less, those that remain focused on the art, music, and style of Hip Hop remain untethered and determined to carve out their very own significance to this culture. 

There are 10 nominees that have been brought forth by our very own community to show appreciation for their efforts as Hip Hop artists in the Modesto area. Many of been crafting for well over 30 years with countless releases and performances under their belt, some are young, ambitious, and are ushering in the next generation of Hip Hop, but all have been nominated because they exude some excellence with their art. 

Nominees include: 


Real One 



Da Krse 

Squirlly D 

Ben Kaos 

Young Dee 

Haiti Babii 


The MAMA voting polls are open. Take some time out to visit the MAMA Awards website acknowledge the nominees, and of course vote. 

Voting ends 10/15/23 at 11:59 pm at

By Joseph Zimmerer

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