By Joseph “PSUNO” Zimmerer

“ Modesto Rapper or Ruler From Deep Beneath The Surface? ”

When I opened up my instagram the other day I was overjoyed to find a new project from one of my favorite local rap gawds, but is he just a local rapper ( Insert thinking emoji )? I caught up with NIKFUQ and got introduced to a whole new world……….AGARTHA.

JZ: Agartha, WOW, great album, but what is Agartha?
N: Thank you fam. Agartha is a city to a civilization with an advanced consciousness and technology located at the center of the Earth. Essentially, it’s “underground” which is how I prefer my music. I thought it would be the perfect metaphor for my latest album.

JZ: It listens like a documentary. What were some inspirations for the project?
N: There’s a documentary I found online with a plethora of info on Agartha. I pulled a lot of ideas and even samples from there for the album. Also, at a thrift store I found an 80’s book called Create Your Own Adventure about the Agartha, I think is what sparked the whole idea for me.

JZ: You have some local rap vets on this project, but also some other emcees, and a couple heavy productions from Sadhugold, PA Dre, and Conductor Williams. How did these team ups come about?
N: Well, for sure I had to get the boys on there – local legendary spitters who happen to be the homies. I reached out to a few like minded out of towners too. For the production, I wanted to hand pick the beats so I reached out to some of the absolute best in the underground right now.

JZ: I see the project on streaming sites. Is this project going to be released on some sort of hard copy product?
N: Yes. I will have CD’s in a few days.

JZ: For those that don’t already know, where can we find you and the latest album?
N: It’s streaming on most platforms. I have my own bandcamp page. My awesomely animated music video is on YouTube.

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