Interview – Karri Husman

Who’s your pal?
Pupz ‘n’ Palz saves the day
By Steve Perry

Where do they go? When animals lose a home or are lost, where do they go? Traditionally, we all think of the pound, a government run entity that tries very hard to reunite pets and owners. But in the course of time, these institutions were never designed to handle the extreme number of pets.

But it is much more than that and there are so many needs in our community, that it really does take a community of different groups to make sure pets are safe and get a good home.

When asked about how Pupz began, Founder; Karri Husman shared a story. While looking through Craigslist to adopt a dog, she found a cattle dog, dirty, withdrawn and not eating. Sent home, dog in hand and with prescribed dog food, she stopped to get some tacos because her day was long, then she realized the dog was sniffing her for the tacos, which she shared, and the two began their bond, leading to a return to health and eating. The fire was lit and there was no turning back, Pupz n Palz was born.

Enter the compassionate… Pupz n Palz Rescue. Founded in 2009, they have taken 600-700 animals off the street annually, prior to COVID-19. Currently, due to steep increases of price, they are hovering at 200-300. Post COVID-19 funding has also has decreased, making it hard to take in fur babies that need bottle feeding or special needs animals. COVID also made things worse as there are many pets adopted during this time that are now looking for new homes, so funding is extra important.

With a regular crew of volunteers (around 5) it is pretty difficult to operate. When asked about what could be done here, Karri said, “we need more volunteers, we need more donations to cover the increased costs, but more importantly, we need people to adopt the animals.”

There is a pet for everyone they have plenty to choose from.
Check them out at, Facebook or 1430 Carpenter Lane Suite B (appointment only)
Call (209) 480-8662 also<…>

Pictures of current pets, Luna, Brody and Cole at press time. Please check the current status of these and other dogs looking for a good home.

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