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Jazz Blues View: Soul Vaccination

Jazz/Blues View: Time to Get Your Soul Vaccination!
By Eric Benson

Alright my peeps time for all of us to get our Soul Vaccination. Tower of Power said it best; “All across the nation people been catch’ honkypox, when you get the notion Towers’s got the potion-you might look in to get yourself in motion…Everybody get in line.. soul vaccination for mo better health. Part of our soul protection plan. Get ready for the injection to cut down on the infection cause soon we’ve got soul perfection!”. I got my COVID vaccination and oh yes my arm ached and I got an “owee’ but I took on for the team. At this point, we have to vaccinate ourselves out of this situation so we can get back to our live’s pre-COVID. 2020 we were supposed to wear masks, 2021 we are still wearing masks because we did not do the right thing the first time around. Much love for you out there that are doing the right thing wearing masks and social distancing. In the meantime keep ‘er going and stay healthy and keep on because we must believe brighter days ahead and do the right thing so they will be coming.

This is new terrain get the vaccine out to all of us so that herd immunity happens, and yes we are the herd! If enough are vaccinated they will be no reservoir for infection.

There are a lot of us struggling right now, emotionally, physically and spiritually so please reach out and lend a hand to those who need it. We also need to support our local business and economy so it is still there when things improve. Next month we will conspire to get people out to our local businesses, restaurants to keep them healthy. If we have no venues when things get better you will see me out on south 9th street busking with my guitar singing the Blues. So please continue to support our local venues. We are still not supposed to do live music inside venues but we will try and do outside music in the downtown ASAP so you do not have to visit me in Belview!. Miss all my peeps and a shout out to the Blue Monday Band; Dave Dow Piano, David Hawks Drums, John Adey and Conrad Johnson Bass, Andrew Rosenblum Sax, John Burt Sax and all the special guests and fans that continue to play the music. Peace out, Eric Benson! Need to get me or co-conspire with me, my cell is (209) 918-7033

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