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Jazz/BluesView: Can’t Stop the Blues

Jazz/BluesView: Can’t Stop the Blues
By Eric Benson

I turned 64 on August 22nd and celebrated with a live jam with the Blue Monday Band including Barry Finnerty guitarist: Miles Davis, Tower of Power, BB King, Brecker Brothers and had a ball! A lot of my peeps are still on the fence about coming out to see a show even if social distancing and precautions are in place. I encourage all to get vaccinated and be cautious but not fearful! This is our world, and we all need to get on with the business of living. The mighty Titanic was going down but the band played on.

The Downtown Modesto Blues Crawl will not take place in Sept as one of the venues is not participating, hope to bring it back in October. Can’t stop the Blues!

Things are opening up a bit and I am cautiously optimistic, yes the glass is half full, not half empty! Nice to see folks out and about living life and getting back to the business of living! More shows are planned, and tours are being booked: We are trying to do more live events outside with social distancing to keep people safer and inside shows with smaller capacity at Ralston’s Goat, Downtown Bauer’s and Café Urbano and other downtown venues.

Café Urbano continues with live music: Sunday shows, and Blue Monday Party with Jam session Sept 13th and the 27th, every second and fourth Monday. The Blue Monday Band features John Adey & Conrad Johnson Bass, Dave Hawks Drums, Andrew Rosenblum Sax, Kevin Marin Trumpet, John Burt Sax and Dave Dow & Eric Benson keys playing Jazz, Funk, R & B, Latin and the Blues. Dylan Soto is throwing a show Sun Sept 12 Bands of Summer: maximum rock and roll! Urbanos also has DJ events Salsa, cumbia on Taco Tuesdays, also Thursday through Sunday for DJ Latin dancing with great food and a full bar so come on down. I and other promoters feature live shows. Save the Date: Virtuoso Jazz guitarists Bruce Forman is coming in Sunday, Oct 24th. He will do a brief solo Red Guitar show then Barry Finnerty Jazz guitarist with play with Bruce with the rhythm section.

Well, folks, thanks to all you good people doing the right thing, wearing masks, social distancing and getting that Soul Vaccination things are continuing to improve. We also need to support our local business and economy, so they continue to stay healthy also, so please continue to support our local venues.

Peace out, Eric Benson! Need to get in touch or co-conspire with me, cell is (209) 918-7033 And be like Alpha Beta and tell a friend or a hundred!

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