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MetalView – Girl Power in our Scene

Metal View –
Girl Power in Our Scene
By Mike Vanek

Females have taken our scene by storm as of late. They have come a long way in the 209 metal scene, that for years has been a boys club, and I’d like to tell you about a few. The past few months have seen an explosion of female talent in the Central Valley metal community. What started with Luxt who would visit from Sacramento and Rage Enterprises ran by the legendary Robin Steely and then the female fronted Wicked Hickey has led to an explosion of females making waves in our music community. Bands like Eroszion, Path of Totality, Perfect Nightmare, Bavmorda, Brutal Innocence, Cursed and more all have talented females in they’re ranks!! Also we have artists like Martina Dimas who has reached out to the music community and Catherine Threnody who gathered all the females in our scene for an awesome calendar that celebrated the ladies of our scene!

Plus, where would we be without the wives and girlfriends? My better half Ida Millsaps is a radio personality, talent buyer for major concerts, door person for the majority of downtown fests and much more!! Wives like Cher Stanley the manager of Cursed has 20 years of music industry experience under her belt. Andrea Rush, wife of Nothing but Losers singer Jojo Rush has gone out of her way to support our scene including hauling gear to and from almost every NBL show in the past 10+ years. Victoria Boyington and Jennifer Allsup, in addition to the many things they do for the music scene, sit on the board for the Northern California Women’s Music Festival in October which is bringing Lita Ford to the State Theatre amongst others!! The Sintral Valley Roller Girls have been doing great things in our community and they provide a great sport for the female youth in our area and I can’t forget to mention Savanah Riley who is Modesto’s own female wrestler who isn’t afraid to take on dudes twice her size!!

In short girls rule and we’re proud as we can be of them!!



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