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MetalView Happy New Year


By Eve Oberlander

Happy New Year! My New Year resolution is to go out and occupy a venue, support a musician. Music is good for the soul, my soul. Modesto area metal was on fire this past year, with local bands making music videos, writing and producing albums and touring up and down California opening for nationals. I expect to see more and to keep the scene alive and growing. Stigmurder is working on new music to be shown soon. Sworn To The Black is working on song four and five of what will be a six-track EP. “Once again we’re doing a variety of the signature Sworn Groove and Death/Speed style but with a little more brutality in our new material,” says Sworn. Nothing But Losers has their first full-length album to be released this spring. The anticipation for this album to come out is killing me. I can’t wait! Nothing But Losers won a poll contest, with the most votes, they have been asked to play the Burn Out fest featuring legendary King of green, Afro Man, this month on January 27th at the Tulare Fair Grounds. Tickets are available now thru Nothing But Losers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Nothing But Loser app on google play. Contact them thru messenger or at . This is an arts and cannabis event, a cannabis card is not required for entry.

 Abraham Guerrero’s Memorial will be coming up soon; we will be celebrating his life and memory. We lost Abe this past November. We want to remember him and what he meant to us. He met Jenna, one of my dearest friends and Abe’s widow, in 2012 when The Fat Brothers Band met up with her to practice covers for her birthday party. That band was what was to become, Brutal Innocence. They formed in 2012, consisting of Abraham, Lead Guitar, Dave on Drums, Joey, Abe’s brother and both Jenna on vocals. They won a MAMA Award for Best Metal in 2014. Brutal Innocence will be playing in honor of Abe at the memorial. Nathaniel, one of Abe’s good friends, will fill on lead guitar with honor in his memory. Also joining them will be past members of Brutal Innocence’s former bassist Alejandro and Abe’s brother Inman from Fat Brothers Band. The Drummer from Abe’s first band, Broken Instinct from Hollister will be up on stage as well as Brutal Innocence’s best friend Amanda on bass. Thank you, friends and family,, readers of the Modesto View. I want to wish each of you a wonderful, joyous new year!

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