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MetalView HellHeart


by Eve Oberlander

It is my honor to present you Best Metal 2017 MAMA Award winner, HellHeart!  HellHeart consists of Alie Grabowski Vocals, Kevin Nelson Drums, Eddie Callow Lead Guitar, Jess Gilmore Guitar/Vocals and Jeff Amador Bass.  Even though HellHeart is a newer band you will be surprised to find out how much they have accomplished in such a short time.

First off, HellHeart is signed to indie label Dead Sea Records. They just recorded and produced an EP titled Where’s Your Heart At. You can purchase a physical copy and also find it on all major online retailers like ITunes and Spotify. They have a new music video set to be released by the end of the year, titled Suffer Well. The music video was shot in Monterey California on the beach. The song is about finding strength in solitude. HellHeart has been touring up and down California, just getting back from shows in Hayward and Santa Ana. They are set to be leaving soon on a mini-tour. Get this, in Mexico! How awesome is that? They are playing both Tijuana and Monterrey Mexico. They have many influences and each member comes from different musical backgrounds. This gives them a really interesting and unique way of creating music. Most of their writing starts with a riff and then build from there. Their first single, Kings Cup, started from a single riff. With Eddie and Jess working together they had the song written within an hour. They knew right then they had something, working so well together. HellHeart wants to say thank you. Thanks to their fans, friends and family alike. With your support, they have had a successful year. “Modesto has been really good to us. It’s an honor to be voted as their best metal band, especially when there were so many other great bands in that category. These are bands that we look up to, bands that we call friends”. HellHeart brings high energy to their aggressive songs and I enjoy watching them live. You have to catch a set my MetalHead friends!

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