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MetalView – The Yosemite Strip

Metal View
by Mike Vanek
The Yosemite Strip

This month I would like to pay tribute to the heavy metal side of town, the Yosemite Strip. Gone are the days of going downtown for metal shows. Our metal scene was cast aside by the downtown venues, and left off their dance permits. Slowly but surely, metal bands transitioned to playing on Yosemite Ave. First at The Spinnaker Lounge, then Nic Padilla started having shows at Yosemite Lanes, and eventually we were welcomed at The Other Place (traditionally a country bar). Now all three venues regularly host metal bands and Yosemite Boulevard has been dubbed the “Metal Side of Town”.

With 3 bars within walking distance, they have established a foundation for a vibrant heavy metal scene. Each bar has its own style and character. The Other Place hosts the larger shows with national bands and recently hosted Hatriot, M.O.D. & Ektomorf among others. The Spinnaker Lounge is the high church of Modesto metal and the home of Modesto’s very own heavy metal supporting bartender Sylvia Spinnaker, and the majority of the 209’s metal scene has cut their teeth.

Recently, Yosemite Lanes started having shows again and they are always FREE! Yosemite Lanes is a fun venue with cool people and drunk bowling is probably the funniest thing ever to watch. I highly encourage everyone to support all three of these rad venues that keep our scene alive! I have one last thing to talk about this month, and that is the announcement of the return of the legendary PRIMUS to the Graffiti City, Modesto USA. Although they are not really “metal”, they are one of the most original heavy bands of our time, and the last time they played here was just amazing! The show is September 1st at Modesto Center Plaza, and tickets are available at the plaza office on L street or select Boyett-Petroleum stations all around Modesto!

That’s all for me this month as always: KEEP ONE FOOT IN THE GUTTER AND ONE FIST IN THE GOLD!




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