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MetalView: Warpath Assassins

As trends come and go in this town there is one thing that has remained here in the city of Modesto, Good Heavy Metal Bands. One such band has risen through the ashes of 3 bands to form one of the best new bands Modesto has ever seen! The band I speak of is called Warpath Assassins. Born out of the fires lit by Thr3efold, Disillude, & Skin For Julia. Warpath Assassins lights a new fire in the 209 metal scene. This band has seen on a wave of success as of late, writing and recording their debut album and playing awesome local shows including the opportunity to play a sold out show with SF Punk Legends The Dead Kennedy’s. I recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with the band’s Bassist “Crusher” and this is how it went.

 MV: How was Warpath Assassins Created?

CWPA: Jason and I talked about jamming at local shows and my current band at the time Skin for Julia, tried out James and passed on him. So I put 2 & 2 together since James also wanted to start something with me. So I called Jason and you have Warpath Assassins.

MV: What inspires your band’s music?

CWPA: Well I couldn’t say I’m sure we all have our own opinions but myself I love music and being an entertainer. But the music, like the great Johnny Cash once said, it just comes out that way. Plus Jason is a great writer.

MV: How does it make you feel when you stand back and look at the band’s success over the past few months?

CWPA: I don’t feel like we have done anything yet but all I can say is “Thank You” to all the amazing fans that make our shows great and keep bringing on the warpath.

MV: What was it like to open for The Dead Kennedy’s

CWPA: the most amazing crazy crowd i have seen in a long time! The show was epic!!!… Thank you to Chris Ricci for the opportunity and once again the fans.

MV: Where would you like to see Warpath Assassins in 5 Years?

CWPA: Wherever the road takes us is my outlook.  Everything, show, album tours: I’m ready for the hard work to get there.

MV: What’s next for Warpath Assassins?

CWPA: Finishing the album for the 7/9 show with Motograter $12 at the Fat Cat and maybe a surprise warm-up show or two.

MV: Is there anything you would like our readers to know about the band before we go?

CWPA: Check our pages out for shows and music at w/ for booking



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