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PoetryView – Haiku Capitol of the World

By Sam Pierstorff

Can Modesto become the Haiku Capital of the World?
Every other month at LoFi Diner, Burn & Rave has been hosting an epic beatnik Poetry Night and Haiku Battle, popularizing the format and pitting haiku against haiku in a fun and inspirational battle until a winner emerges! These short form poems, which originated in Japan in the 9th century, consist of three lines and 17 total syllables in this order: 5/7/5. These tightly worded poems can pack a big punch as they reflect life and often, if done well, resonate with deeper meaning and leave a strong impression on readers.

Enter the Modesto Haiku Anthology!
Burn and Rave with the support of the ModestoView will be collecting haiku from anyone and everyone who wants to capture Modesto in three short lines. The best haiku will be selected and published. There is no restriction on tone, content, or subject matter. Your haiku should reflect YOUR Modesto!

Scan this QR Code to submit your haiku before 2/18!

In December, an amazing evening of Haiku battles and poetry readings to the beat of some bongos of Dave Rogers or the jazz piano stylings Marina John Hanna delivered some great works, nabbing some vintage ashtray trophies. The Burn and Rave crew hosted fun was had by all. Get in on the action in January with Write Night on Jan. 10 and Poetry Night Feb 14 at LoFi – 1325 J St. Modesto @burnandrave

Here are the poems of the winners of the December Poetry night. ModestoView will be publishing the results of Poetry night in this space here.

Peace of Me
Written by: Julian Blackmon (The Protected Poet)
IG: @protected_poet

I once was a walking
Glass house,
Throw stones at me,
I just may have shattered
Into a thousand pieces,
But now,
I’m a peaceful servant,
I’ve positively
Rinse my hands
Of all negativity,
My anxiety has made
A peace treaty
With society,
I no longer worry
About validation,
And expectations,
I now find peace
In traveling the backroads
Enjoying the scenery,
I hope you find peace
And serenity,
From now until infinity,
Cherish every memory,
Love every moment,
Embrace every possibility,
With all do respect
Protect your peace at all cost,
Because it’s priceless,
My mother always tells me,
I’m her anointed son,
So i shine like one,
Last week
I helped a blind lady
Cross the street,
See that gave us both peace,
Last night I shared
A piece of pizza
With a homeless man
We sat ate in peace
As I got up to walk away
He gave me the peace sign,
In return that gave me
A peace of mind,
I hope you have
A peace of mind
If not you can have
a piece of mine,
I strive to be sweet
As a piece of pie,
No matter how you slice it,
It’s only right I give you
The last piece of cake,
No no no
I’m not trying to win
A Noble Peace Prize,
I just feel it’s
Noble to bring Peace
To peoples lives,
And Yes,
At times
I do wanna use my
Mouth piece
And yell
No justice no peace,
And still offer
Peace offerings
To Peace Officers,
I’m a Peacekeeper,
A Peacemaker,
It’s Music
To my soul to be in harmony,
With such Instrumental people,
Hurdle over obstacles,
To accomplish goals,
But just know,
Life is not about Race,
It’s a Marathon
Not a Sprint,
Pace yourselves,
May God bless you
all In Abundance,
Abundance of Blessings
To you all,
I wish you the best,
Best wishes
In becoming the best version
Of you,
Stay into Praying,
Stay into Wishing,
Follow your intuition,
Everything you wishing for
Will come into fruition,
I’m living confirmation
That Affirmation
And manifestation
So I don’t know who needs
To hear this,
But if your life is like a puzzle,
And you still putting Pieces
I hope when I leave you
I’ve left you
A Peace of Me,

By Chanel Martins

Doubletree Hotel
Highest landmark in this town.
Such a low standard.

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