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Rockabilly MAMA

By Jennifer Allsup

Rockabilly MAMA
Even though the Rockabilly category is still fairly new to the annual Modesto Area Music Awards. The past three years have been fabulous to the genre. Let’s chat about this years’ 2014 nominees. First up ” Little Johnny & the Sleepwalkers” a Merced based trio that mixes sounds of Rockabilly and Psychobilly. Whether you’re the rough and ready type or the dainty haltered polka dotted dressed kitten. You’ll be dancin’!!

Oh, then there is the lovely “Betty Ann & the Lonesome lll”. A tall Blonde bombshell with a three piece in full throttle honky tonkin’ sound. Betty also takes pride in her 49′ Kaiser Traveler which she works on by herself. She is also the president of “Lady Luck Car Club”. Betty inspires women to feel like a beauty in their own skin. So if you’re honky tonkin’ around? Go check out Betty Ann & her Lonesome III.

No Honey Jack here. Were about to taste some pure old country roots with a twist of Rockabilly!The “Honey Shots ” Modesto’s based married duo Tess & Devon Boyd on yet another exciting. adventure ina musical highway. Always impresses me when I find a happily married couple with full time job & two boys that can find the time and passion for a little guitar pickin’. Adore the Boyd’s!!!!!

There is not a man named “Charlie” in this mix of four drifters. But the “Reins Men” Tony Trevino is no strange to being the whip of these “Stagecoach Drifters “. Ridin’ “Shotgun ” Jason Finely on lead guitar a master for strumming those lickin’ tunes. Can’t drive a strong coach without a “Near” handy with her slappin’ stand up bass Amie Alton. Even out the “Stagecoach Drifters ” with the “Off” Anthony Azavedo standing and kickin’ a three piece drum to the rattle of the Reinsmen.

Tiffany Rose & the Silvertones playing some country rock n roll classics along with her originals. Tiffany has a distinctive sultry voice a crowd pleased. Tiffany’s vibrant band makes everything sound right on key. You’ll never see a face light up and smile so biog when upon the stage entertaining the crowd.

These botcher’s are no secret to the Rockabilly scene in Stockton.”The (Secret) Hitchers” play your honest outlaw country rock n roll.” The (Secret) Hitchers” formed to make ends meet sometime later here they are still kickin’ butt. Think you got the rhythm, to rock with the wrangler’s? The foothills, is one of my favorite places to stomp around.

Well, with “Rockin’ Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers”, you’ll be delivered a shoe stompin’ grand time. Rick has played Viva Las Vegas including some of his artist on his record label “Hi Ho Silver Record”. Jumpin’ on a wave with the masked bandits, on one heck of an instrumental ride with “Geronimo & the Scalpers”. These three masked gentlemen have a great stage presences. Keeping the overseers moving along the wide tide of he dance floor. Love watching them perform. Always leaving the crowd with shouts out of “One more”!!

One nominee left and differently not last! Mr. Roddy Jackson from Merced, Ca. Mr.Jackson is a teacher and a legendary entertainer. Born in Fresno, Ca. Roddy started his musical talent at the age of twelve learning piano and drum. Shortly after forming his first band “The Dreamers “. In his high school days Roddy auditioned at Specialty Records and played with the Merced Blue Notes and was part of the central valley’s first supergroup, Kent Witt and the Downbeats with Roddy Jackson. Roddy was signed as a solo artist, by recommendation of Sonny Bono. Roddy continued playing but and still tours around the world as a global ambassador of Rockabilly music. Some songs you might be familiar with. “I’ve Got my Sights Set On Someone New” & “Hiccups ” both done in 1958….a Rockabilly Legend!!!

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