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RockabillyView – Ray Vizira

By Jennifer Allsup

I hope everyone is having an amazing start to the New Year? Typically, I like to chat about the upcoming bands or even throw a little Rockabilly history your way. In the past years I have attended many, many shows and thrown numerous shows as well, in this process of being as supportive as I can. I always seem to overlook those with many talents in many different genres and backgrounds of what makes their passion in music so incredible, though. There is one man in particular that I have seen perform with so many other talented folks around town. You can catch him walking the streets of downtown, having coffee with friends at Preservation. A friendly man who never ceases to amaze, especially being self-taught.

Mr. Ray Vazira was born and raised in Iran. Ray’s family gatherings were always filled with music. So, when Ray moved here in the 8th grade, he decided he was going to teach himself the drums. Putting in a pair of earphones and listening to the HAWK, Ray began his own journey into the music wonderland. Around 2003/2004 Ray met Jacob Canada (Stand up Bass Man) and Chandler Pratt (guitar). They started out as Fat Skeleton, just a simple little jam band. This grew into something more and as time went on, switching up some musicians took Ray to another level of music. He met a man with the spiritedness of African World Music, Mr. Lumemba. Ray took a liking to being a hand percussionist.

In 2006/2007 he was on another expedition with more of a musical change, thanks to his friend Jacob Canada, whom finally was able to convince Ray to attend Strawberry Music Festival. This opened up yet another avenue of music. Singing the gospel and folk music in the wilderness, I do believe at the point Ray was hooked. Ray met Dave Hanley and made a great musical connection. Ray was then able to travel with Dave to Oregon. This is where Ray got his very first paying gig. The Panhandlers started introducing Ray to Cole Thomason and Joey along old friends gathered as well Jacob and Chandler. It was so much fun playing with all these talented local musicians.

Which brings us to 2008, Ray met Irene Machillo who formed the band LoveCore. This was a name Irene loved and went by. Irene and Ray would sit on the porch at the house on Orange, wail, strum and create. At this time Ray was switching back and forth between his first love, the drums, to the Uke. Then along came Paul Muncy, Amanda Wood and Adria Bray. Of course, unpretentious as these musicians are, they all sound astonishing! Irene shortly came to the conclusion that LoveCore and the House of Orange was a bit too much. So then they became two bands. With all this being said, Ray loves being in multiple bands. This takes us to his meetup with Mr. Rob Hill. Ray really enjoys the sound of Rob Hill’s voice, a Joe Cocker if you will, kind of style. With so many musical groups nicked into his belt, they have all played for me at one time or another. YAY for me!!

As the years passed, his trek on that music highway he met one of our other local talents. Ms. Tiffany Rose DeLaCruz. Ray has been stepping in and throwing down some spectacular riffs to Tiffany’s soul driven country /rockabilly style. Along with other like Amie Alton and Tony Trevino. It is never to late to expand your musical genres and just ROCK!

Always practicing, always having the passion for music, Ray has taken his music to the next level. He has just opened his own musicians’ place called Ray’s Workshop. With the vision of making this workshop interactive, where bands can rehearse, come in and just jam. Become a member of the workshop. Ray has two Ukes, 2 drum sets, bass guitars, guitars, 88 keyed weighted keyboard and amps. Band rehearsals are evenings only and lessons from Ray are from 4-8pm, unless otherwise prior arrangements have been met. Located right in front of Tangled T’s on Downey Ave and Kimble, Modesto Ca. You can also contact Ray Vazira on his Facebook page.

Go check the space out! Wishing you all a Very Happy Valentines Day to come!

*Jennifer Allsup*
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