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RockabillyView – Rockabilly Rocks for Foster Kids

By Jennifer Allsup

Rockabilly Rocks for Foster Kids and Downtown Fun

Seventy-five years ago Modesto Federal Credit Union started giving to our community. By giving over 100 foster kids clothing for the winter months. M.F.C.U is still giving to the community . There are so many years and so many positive spirits in Modesto. We are the “City of Giving”! What makes us a strong community, to continue on those traits. My husband and I joined forces with Dana Walter of Daydreams and Nightmares to help out Mary. Mary has taken upon herself to reunite Foster Kids with their siblings at the holiday season. We help feed more then 500 families and supply coats. toys and clothing drive. This year we got so many businesses involved as a drop off spot for lightly used coats, New Toys and clothing for these families. If you have items to give, these fabulous establishments would love to see you giving.

DID on J St, Direct Appliance on McHenry, Trevino’s Barber Shop on 10th, Twisted Pig on Floyd, Daydreams and Nightmares on 7th, Keller & Associates on Sylvan, US Bank on McHenry, City of Modesto 1010 10th St, Tangled T’s on Downey and Talk of the Town on H St. The thing that warms my heart is this gathering brings those children together with their siblings. Tis the season to be merry !

Amongst, the wonderful things Modesto people and businesses do for our community. Modesto View started three years ago giving back to downtown and surrounding areas . Yes, Rockin Holidays started three years ago at St.Stan’s Brewing Company. a,k,a, Hero’s. Which is a very fond memory for me and many others. Last, year we moved Rockin’ Holidays to 10th Street Plaza. This year will are making the plaza even more spectacular then last year. YES, the rockabilly music will return, the snow, the lights, and a new Rockin’ tree lighting in the plaza and of course Santa and his Elves will be full of jolliness. On Dec.5th the festivities in the plaza begin at 7:30-10pm opening the night will be Tony T along with Tiffany Rose. Nights of MERRIMENT to follow will be from 5:30-9pm Dec10th Greasehound, Dec 11th Love Core,Dec 12th Rocking Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers and Johnny Devil and his Sins, Dec 17th Star Wars night with the Lodge Pole Pickers and Gottschalks Band. Like a night at the Cantina, Modesto style. Dec18th Greasehound and Dec 29th Rockin Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers with Johnny Devil and His Sins.

Modesto Rocking Holidays will be the place to be this December. So come along for the ride ! Let it snow, Come dance, Get your ice skates polished. Check out what we have in store. Leaving you this holiday season with words from Rockin’ Santa “There are people who will stand and watch the world go round, and there are people who will try to make it turn. If you wanna be the one to make another smile happiness a guaranteed return. There is a Place Called Home just around the corner” ~ Mr.A

*Jennifer Allsup*
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