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RockabillyView – Roddy Jackson

By Jennifer Allsup

Let’s stand-up and give a huge applause to Mr. Roddy Jackson, 2014 Rockabilly M.A.M.A. winner!! If, you weren’t lucky enough to witness a magical night of reuniting musicians on Oct 14th. You missed one heck of a party. Mr.Jackson reunited with some old friends Kent Witt and the Downbeats, taking the stage together after many many years of being on their own musical adventures. Hanging out, with Mr.Jackson was truly memorable He is very witty with a continuous smile from ear to ear, he told me how, much, he appreciated us all celebrating and recognizing all the talents old and young. Here is a little background about the ole’ so cheerful Mr. Roddy Jackson!

Mr.Jackson was born in Fresno and moved Merced as a child. His father was a singer and songwriter and he learned to play many instruments at an early age. Roddy started his musical talent at the age of twelve learning piano and drum. Shortly after forming his first band “The Dreamers “. In his high school days Roddy auditioned at Specialty Records and played with the Merced Blue Notes and in 1960 became part of the central valley’s first supergroup, Kent Witt and the Downbeats with Roddy Jackson.

Roddy was signed as a solo artist, by recommendation of Sonny Bono. Roddy continued playing but and still tours around the world as a global ambassador of Rockabilly music. Some songs you might be familiar with. “I’ve Got my Sights Set On Someone New” & “Hiccups ” both done in 1958. In 1999 Paul McCartney recorded Roddy’s “She Said Yeah” which is on his hit album, “Run Devil Run.” It is a burner.

Since 1995 Roddy has been entertaining throughout the Central Valley, in the Bay Area and on the Coast doing his one-man show, “Roddy Jackson, The Music Man.” Ace Records in London, UK, released an album titled “Central Valley Fireball,” in 2007 Roddy performed in “Rhythm Riot,” the biggest oldies music festival in Europe in 2004. Roddy was surprised to find out that he is well known all over the world, especially in Europe

Roddy has been teaching music and theater for 29 years and has directed many stage productions and was music director of the Merced Hospital Assistance League Follies for ten years. He has been director and/or music director at Merced Community College and also Balico-Cressey School District He continues to teach as a private music tutor at Gottschalk Music in Merced.

His career is still rockin! He as just started work on his new record for Hi Ho Silver Records with a hot Rockabilly band and no doubt this will be another amazing record from the “Central Valley Fireball”! We can’t wait to hear it and we will keep you posted.

He is a Rockabilly Legend!!!



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