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Step Inside Fuzio!

By Kate Serpa

I have walked past Fuzio Universal Bistro a number of times, however I have never, until today, been inside.  Why?  I had always assumed it was A) a chain, B) an Italian restaurant, and C) probably pretentious.  As I am a creature of habit, I never saw any reason to venture in.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Fuzio, which is Italian for ‘fusion’, is locally owned and operated, manager Thomas Lopes informed me, and is not simply an Italian restaurant, but a fusion restaurant with a wide array of dishes which are prepared in their open red-tiled kitchen. And my ridiculous concern about the pretentiousness?  That flew out the door when I finally went inside.   

Please meet Miss. Jessica Hailey, bartender extraordinaire who is cute as hell and overflowing with compliments about Fuzio.  Jessica has been with Fuzio since they opened in December of ’01 starting off as a server and then got behind Fuzio’s painting-decked bar where she belongs. “My kids and Fuzio are my important things.”  A fellow employee told me that she is making up drinks all the time, to which Jessica added, “I love making drinks, inventing them and watching people enjoy them.  People ask what my special is, but I can’t just make you any drink!  I have to get to know you so I can make you something perfect.”  Example?  The Fuzio Cucumber Martini. “One of our regulars, Joe, really loved cucumbers but doesn’t like too-sweet of a drink.  It’s perfect for this time of year; it’s summer refreshing.” It should be also noted that Jessica, a fellow gin lover like myself, pours a really lovely gin martini.

Two martinis in, I informed Jessica about my previous misconception about Fuzio.  She added: “So many people walk by here and think it might be too fancy.  You can dress up or down here, from a prom dress to a sundress.  When people do come here, we always see them come back again. We take the ordinary and make it dynamic.”

Sometimes its good to be wrong
Oh right.  Nearly forgot to tell you Fuzio does this really fun deal where you can electronically check in on their Facebook page for monthly check-in specials.  This month is currently rocking a free pair of X-Fest tickets with a $50 dollar order!  Be sure to visit their page to see what is going to be featured next month (it’s sure to be fantastic).  And if you present a movie/theatre ticket at Fuzio (from that day naturally), you can receive a discount on your overall bill.  “We are trying to encourage dinner and movie pairings and support the local scene,” says Thomas Lopes. 

 Fuzio Cucumber Martini
-1/2 oz triple sec
-2 oz Grey Goose-Muddled Cucumber
-Whole squeezed lemon
-Mix that baby up and pour it into…
-1/2 sugar or salt rimmed martini glass
(maybe get fancy and do half salt and half sugar!)
-And garnish that beauty with:
-I slice of skinned cucumber 

Fuzio Happy Hour!
Weekdays 4-6.30
Weekends (for the hung-over crowd) 12-3
$3 draft beers
½ off appetizers
½ off signature dish (which is really, really fantastic)

1020 10th Street
Modesto, CA

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