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Urban View-DJ D Ferreira

UrbanView – By Javier Lopez As we go in to 2012 with our DJ turntables spinnin’ and we finish celebrating our new year and resolutions, we turn to one of the local DJs that has been working the radio airwaves over the last few years as well as making mixes that are amazing.

We introduce Darren “D. Ferreira”. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you Mr. Ferreira.

FiestaBoyz: Give me a short story on your uprising in becoming a DJ? D Ferreira: Ever since I was 12 years old, I knew I wanted to be on the radio. I had a real passion for music and for talking about music. I used to spend hours in my bedroom playing albums on an old school turntable and I would do my own radio show and record it with an old school tape recorder that I saved up to buy, took forever to save up that $20. My love for music soon had me DJ’ingparties and other events by the time I was 17 which is something I’m still doing to this day.

FB: Iwould love to know how you jumped into radio? DF: In 1998 I remember hearing one of those commercials on the radio that said “Have your ever wanted to be on the radio?” It was a commercial for a place called the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Fremont, Ca. I seemed to have heard that commercial at just the right time in my life. I was veryunhappy at my current job and was looking for a change. Being married, the decision to quit my job and go back to school was one that had to be made as a team. I talked with my wife Michelle about it and she pretty much said “this is what you have always wanted to do, I can take care of our bills while you go back to school so go for it”. Did I marry the right woman or what!! I graduated in January of 1999 and was on the radio on B93.1 here in the Central Valley less than 2 months later. And then just 5 years later I was actually Program Director of Mega 100.

FB:.During your time in radio any moment that really stuck out for you and made a impact on your carrier. DF: Ihave given many lectures at schools since being on the radio and I always tell the students about my greatest day in radio, which also happened to be the worst day in our nation’s history. September 11, 2001. What should have been a normal 4 hours on the air, turned into about 12 hours on air and working behind the scenes. I was asked to anchor the news on the station I was on at the time which was also being simulcast on 3 other stations. It was that day I trulylearned first hand that radio is about getting information out to the listeners, something I think many stations have forgotten.

FB: Give me more info on your most resent gig on radio. DF: I had spent the last 4 years at KHOP @ 95-1 where I had the chance to wear many hats. I was Assistant Program Director, I had done afternoons, middays, weekends. I was the mixshow coordinator, Public Affairs Director and I also did production. KHOP gave me the opportunity to show the valley my skills as a mixer and opened the doors for me to mix for a Nationally syndicated show which played my mixes on more than 30 stations. KHOP also gave me the opportunity to get more involved with community events and charities which has put me in contact with some really amazing people. I think the best part of being a member of the KHOP family was getting to know those who listened to the station. KHOP has somefantastic and loyal listeners

FB: I understand you and a few other where let go due to Cumulus Cuts, tell me how this all come to play and your feelings about the ordeal? DF: Only one bad thing has ever happened to me during my time in radio and it happened on November 2, 2011. That was the day I was let go from a radio job for thefirst time in my career. The worst part of it was I had already left for theday because I had to pick my son up from school. I received a call that I needed to come back to work, I knew cuts were being done and had a feeling I was about to be a victim of them. I was just upset that I had to bring my son with me and he had to sit in what just about to be dad’s old office. As for the meeting itself in which I was let go. It wasn’t that bad. I respected the two people that were in there with me and since I knew cuts were coming I wasn’t mad. Don’t get me wrong I loved being on KHOP, but I was kinda of relieved that I no longer had to wonder if I would lose my job. Not knowing is a very stressful position to be in.

FB: Now that is all behind you, word is you still continue to work, and sounds like you may have a new radio gig lined up? Is this true? if so what can you comment on? DF: First of all I would like to sayI have no ill will towards KHOP. The decision to let people go was made on a corporate level and I’m still friends with everyonethere and hope to work with them again in the future. Being in radio, it’s always in your best interest to have a backup plan. I had been working to establish my mobile DJ business since I was with MEGA 100 in 2005. Once I was let go from KHOP, I went full on into booking gigs. Matter of fact, business became so good after I was let go from KHOP, that there were a couple of radio stations that contacted me, but it wouldn’t have been a good fit for the direction my life is going now. Now with that being said, there is a possible return to radio in early 2012 that would still allow me run my own business and be back on the air. (fingers crossed)

FB: Any personal shout outs to your fans? DF: I really hate the word “FANS”, at least when it comes to me. The people who like what I do have always been considered supporters and friends. I have actually seen an increase in the number of Facebook Friends I have since losing my radio job, and I’m hoping that’s because people enjoy me more as a person, father, husband than as THAT GUY on the radio. Those who support me know how I feel about them because I always make sure to let them know I appreciate them for their support. For those who love my mixes, they will always be available on my Facebook Page And to those who hope to hear me on the radio again, hopefully that will be happening very soon. WAVE MUSIC WWW.FIESTABOYZLIVE.COM

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