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Where We’re At

Where We’re At
By Dave Storm
The hot summer days drift away in a craze,
As the cool windy breeze, blows the leaves from the trees.
Where the fowls of the air, sing abroad everywhere.
To remind us that ‘fall’ is now near.
For fall is a time, that we all can embrace.
When holiday’s return, to stare us all in our face.
Halloween, Turkey Day, Christmas gifts on the way.
New Year’s Eve, No more grief, a better year, yes indeed.
With Cupid on St. Valentines, The winds of March return.
To blow her winds upon us all, as fireplaces burn.
From cold dense fog to rainy days.
Raindrops race down window panes.
Droplets fall above it all, to form a huddle of muddy puddles.
As puddles of cluttering leaves in the gutter, stop up all the drains.
And don’t forget your flu shots, so that you won’t get sick.
To end up, stuck in bed all day, until you get rid of it.
For this is “Fall” and for us all, it comes back every year.
With tricks and treats, to give good thanks, or sing with Christmas cheer.
And how this year, you enjoy fall, is clearly up to you.
You could spend it raking leaves, or getting a tattoo.
You could spend it splitting logs, or maybe spending cash.
But always spend it doing something, that you know will last.
A memory, a time in place, a lifetime spent in loving grace.
In harmony, of joy in peace. With winter coats and scarves of fleece.
With homemade soups, and baked delights.
Chicken noodle or a slice of pie.
Cozy in with loved ones, and share that for a while.
Listen to the falling rain, and let your heart just smile.
Smile, laugh and live this fall, for it’s not gloomy after all.
For the ‘cleansing’ time, is back.
As time reminds us, where we’re at.
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