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ZenView – Happy New Year of the Dog

By Mary Layton

Happy New Year of the Dog

Dog lovers out there, you may like to know that this year’s Chinese New Year 2018 beginning Feb 16th, is the year of the Dog! Dogs are known to protect us, are loyal and playful and are our friends. It is said that the year of the Dog is a year that brings both happiness and dissent at the same time. We will enjoy harmony at home while we are fighting for all kinds of worthwhile causes in the public arena. This may lead to major confrontations with the weaker side coming out on top. It should be a most interesting year in which controversial issues will be on the table leading to unconventional results. The noble dog fights for equality and liberty.

We may be less materialistic this year and more concerned with defending our deepest values and virtues as we go on crusades against oppression. There will be more idealism and charitable acts. The Dog’s resoluteness and drive may cause all kinds of upheavals but the dog’s intention and good sense will keep the peace in the end. We don’t need to worry this year so long as we act with integrity and hold onto the righteous path. Wuff! Wuff!
Happy New Year of the Dog!

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