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Amazing OutsideLands 2013

Amazing OutsideLands 2013

ModestoView is live on the scene at Outside Lands 2013.
By Chris Murphy

Over the last few days we have kept you in the know about the coolest show happening on the west coast.  This is our favorite festival.   There are other big ones out there but Outsidelands it a the top.  Why?  Location, Quality, Ease of Access and the food. Oh yes, the serious gourmet food, and all of the lands that host the food.  In Modesto, we are lucky that festivals and events like this are so close to home.

Outsidelands sells out quickly every year, so before you read on about how great this year was, go to com and register to get the email alerts so that you do not miss it in 2014.    We will be alerting you early this year so you don’t blow it and miss out on the 2014 fun.   Even if you don’t really care about who is on stage, cruising around and trying all the different food, the Chocolate, the Food Trucks, the custom drinks and making the swing through the big Heineken dome is some really good fun.

Did we mention that there was a monster concert here? Probably one of the best line-ups of any concert this season anywhere.  Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, the Head in the Heart, Atlas Genius, the YEAH YEAH YEAHS and so many more, including a Hall and Oates reunion.

Outsidelands was ELECTRIC as it pulsed, waiting for Paul McCartney to take the stage.  You could feel it.  Once the multi-media show featuring some of the best pics of the Beatles and Paul started running, there was no stopping.   I really felt sorry for the bands that were playing at the same time.  Even Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead was standing near us waiting for Paul.  As if this weren’t enough, the rest of Outsidelands as fun for all three days.   Willie Nelson still show that he is the one of the patriarchs of music and the OSL crowd showed some serious love to the Willie Nelson family.

There is so much of everything, that your schedule and planning is really important.  It is easy to get distracted and if you don’t stick to your schedule, you may miss something you have wanted to see for a long time.

Outside Lands started in 2008 and is officially produced by Another Planet Entertainment, Superfly Presents and Starr Hill Presents.  This show featured headliners including Beck, Radiohead, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Wilco.  Pretty good start don’t you think?

Oh yeah, the people watching.  This is as good as it gets.  Forget the pretentiousness of Coachella where the Hollywood types come to show off, Outsidelands is really fun, funky and trippy.  This is where San Francisco shines.  I truly believe that SF is the best place for music as it really is a mixing/melting pot of really fun stuff and interesting people.

ModestoView has been covering OSL for the last few years and this year we did it big and are presenting some of our highlights here.

Here are just a few of the things we loved about Outsidelands this year.   The pictures posted here say it better, we had a blast all weekend and can’t wait until next year.

1.  Paul McCartney.  —  The Best Ever   #thebestever    No matter how you want to say it, Paul McCartney is the simply the greatest performer of all time.  Cutting his teeth in the Beatles was only the start and his performances get better all the time and he loves to perform.  You truly believe he loves every second on stage.  Everyone else that ever steps on a stage can learn from Paul.

2.  Head and the Heart –  This show as amazing and they totally captivated the Sutro stage crowd.  The harmonies, the songs, the crowd singing along with their favorites made it a highlight show.

3.  Battle of the Sons – This was fun, James MaCartney was playing his own show and played a cool acoustic with many fun, trippy pop songs.  Great to see the tradition handed down.  Was secretly hoping that his dad might pop in for a duet or two, but it didn’t happen.   On the other hand, Luke Nelson burned it up in Willie Nelson band and has some great blues chops.  This was a real treat.

4. The Hells Hollows-  I am a huge Rockabilly fan and this little place up in the hills adjacent to Chocoland, was the great.  It wasn’t even on the official map, but on the trail between Twin Peaks Stage and Sutro, you go right through it. Cool characters, great little stage surprise shows, and a great vibe.  So hope it returns next year as that is where I will be hanging.

5.  Barbary Coast – This is another place to sit, chill and laugh.  There are some fantastic comedians performing here.  We laughed so hard to great acts from one of our faves, Natasha Leggero made us laugh so hard we still hurt.

6. The Lumpia truck. – Located in the Barbary, we really hope it returns next year.

Things that could be better:
Hall and Oates – It was a little bit like watching John Oates sit in with Darryl’s band.  Not to say that the show wasn’t excellent, we just needed a little more Hall AND Oates.

We would love to have a VIP Viewing area for the Sutro Stage.  Outsidelands is big and you have to move fast between shows.

More lines that take credit cards.   Things in general are pretty expensive, just like any concert, so your annual long sleeved T-shirt, a couple of drinks and a dinner can run up pretty fast, so bring cash.  There are ATMs, but it would be good if every line took cards.

Things you must do for 2014:
Follow OSL and the bands on twitter and Instagram.  You may miss something.   Outsidelands Ranger Dave starts sending Instagram hints on the band line up leading up the ticket sales.

Instagram  #outside_lands

Register for the Bands Fan Club Pages and like them on Facebook.  They will be broadcasting messages about their performances during OSL.

For example, Head and the Heart played to a huge crowd at the Sutro stage, and those that follow on twitter, learned that they played a special bro-buddy acoustic show in the Hollows.  This was a true OSL 13 highlight.

Go VIP –
It is worth it.  The ViewCrew has attended for the last few years and it is worth it for quick in and out, bonus seating area and if you have a group with women, the restroom situation is worth every extra penny.

Shuttles –
So easy, use them.  These are nice tour shuttle busses that leave from the Bill Graham auditorium by the SF Civic Center.  So easy, either get a hotel downtown and walk to the shuttles or you can Bart in to the Civic Center station and walk a few blocks.

Eager Beaver Tix –
Sure, you want to know what the line up is, but this event is so good you need to go no matter who it is.   If you sign up, you will be notified when these early discount tix go on sale.  ModestoView will keep you posted.

Chris Murphy
Publisher ModestoView



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