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BarView – Quoth the Raven

BarView – Dewz Restaurant
By Kate Serpa
“Quoth the raven: ‘I’ll have just one more”

Photos by Philip Johnson

You can’t steal my idea, but I basically have the perfect Halloween costume for this year: Edgar Allen Hoe. I’m thinking black dress, black boots, tasteful push-broom mustache, and a raven on my shoulder for panache. Genius, right? I’m finding that Halloween cocktails, like the costumes of the ladies who slurp down said drinks, are getting progressively more sugary and gut wrenching. Where’s the creativity? Where is the class? Phil and I thus ventured to downtown Modesto in search of autumnal spooky sophisticated sips. The obvious place to go was Dewz.

Dewz commitment to excellent taste is only outdone by it’s lovely bar interior. The man in charge of pouring the delicious nectar is Wyatt Smith, a fellow gin lover, avid deep water diver, and the excellent mixologist responsible for making my afternoon go down a bit smoother.

This lucky ghoul was served a trio of delicious pours: the Princely State, combining gin, rum, juice, and black pepper into a savory cocktail nod to British colonization (“I’m a bit of a history nerd,” stated Wyatt); followed by a classic Manhattan, Wyatt’s favorite, featuring black walnut bitters, Bulleit bourbon, and house brandied Washington cherries; lastly, Wyatt served a Black Strap Rum French pressed coffee, and topped with a cinnamon and Grand Marnier-infused whipped cream.

Wyatt’s attention to detail is as refreshing as his Manhattan — quality and experimentation are key. “Everything I can possibly can do I make in house and from scratch. The only time I don’t make it myself is when I know someone else can do it better,” he states. House infused vodkas line the bar (currently consisting of cucumber, pineapple, and cranberry), the cocktail list is lined with creative concoctions of Wyatt’s invention, the beer tap rotation is fantastic and beer-based cocktails are also offered, but if wine is more your dig, you’ve definitely darkened the right door.

The wine list itself is staggering in its offered variety and character. Speaking of wine, here’s something frighteningly fancy and fun — next door to Dewz proper is their interactive and sleek wine shop, featuring a fantastic vinos plugged into a pay-as-you sip card system. Once you get yourself a Dewz wine card, the sky is the limit with a candy store selection of two ounce pours. A charcuterie, cheese, and dessert Dewz menu is also available while you trick-or treat your way through the boozy fun. No dyed green martinis or store bottled syrups — Dewz rightfully boasts a more sophisticated step toward your drinking palate, which Wyatt believes will always provide a more memorable and enjoyable experience. Indeed so, sir; Dewz has proved itself an ideal spot for leisurely October drinking.

As the illusive Mr. Poe stated, “Who cares how time advances? I am drinking ale today.” Just in case you were curious to know, time passes particularly well at the Dewz bar. Happy Haunting, Modesto. DEWZ 1505 J St, Modesto, CA 209.549.1101



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